Strict controls placing lead acid/AGM or lithium batteries in living or sleeping areas apply after Nov 23.

It will void insurance and compliance regulations for any new or CHANGED installation after this date.

Safiery have Zero ION Battery that are safe & comply with the AS/NZ 3001.2:2022 regulations.

They can be placed in living or accomodation areas in the same way that lithium batteries did prior to Nov 2023.

Safiery’s Zero IOn batteries are 92-94% efficient with similar weight to lithium but have a higher discharge ability of 3C. One 250A Zero ION battery can operate a 3000VA Victron Inverter with ease.

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From November 18th 2023

There is a Major Change in Australian Govt Rules

for Batteries in RV,s, Marine, and Connected Systems

When new Australian Standard AS/NZ 3001.2:2022 becomes compulsory.

Rules on Lithium Batteries from 18 Nov 2023 to the Australian Standard

This means for the first time an Electrical Compliance Cetificate MUST include confirmation that the batteries comply with the regulations. This would also apply to any changes to an installation after this date. 

However, Safiery have a solution for those RV's that just have to have a battery inside the RV and it isnt practical or affordable to change the RV to located the batteries outside or with outside access only.

Safiery introduces a “ZERO LITHIUM” ion battery:
  • It has absolutely no lithium present.
  • It is not susceptible to “thermal runaway” and is therefore safe
  • It has alternative metals principally sodium.
  • It is a similar weight to lithium
  • It has slightly less capacity than lithium
  • It has a much higher discharge rate of 3 x lithium iron phosphate
  • It has a much longer cycle life than lithium.
  • However, it operates over a slightly higher voltage range to nearly 16V.
  • Victron Inverter Chargers and Smart Solar Chargers operate within the full range of these batteries.
  • There will be two sizes in 12V and one size in 48V. All are 3 year Warranty with 10,000 cycles expected life

There are two sizes in 12V range:

12V 100Ah

  • 307mm L x 170mm W x 225mm H
  • Fitted with 100A BMS
  • Fitted with Bluetooth
  • About 13kgs

12V 250Ah

  • 520mmL x 267mm x W 220mm H
  • Fitted with 250A BMS
  • Fitted with Bluetooth
  • About 32kgs
Two x 100A ZERO ION battery in parallel will safely operate from a 2000VA Victron inverter
A single 250A ZERO ION battery will safely operate from a 3000VA Victron inverter.


ZERO Ion battery with Zero lithium compliant inside RV
“ This ZERO ION battery contains ZERO lithium and ZERO lead acid cells. It can be installed inside an RV with safety in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3001.2:2022. Specific clauses on Lead Acid (5.4.11)and Lithium Batteries (5.4.12) are not applicable.”
Compatible with Victron Inverter/Chargers and Solar MPPT Controllers.

Because of the slightly higher charging voltage, not all brands of power devices will be suitable. Maximum charge voltage of 15.8V is required.

For External access and location, Safiery introduce the new Meteor Lithium Battery. It is IP 67 and can be located anywhere externally, under the chassis, on the rear carry frame , drawbar or inside a tunnel boot. This is 48V.
There are NO visible terminals and the fuses are incorporated in the plug assembly to comply with the new standards. 
Meteor Safe Sealed 2355Wh Lithium Battery