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Isuzu NPS300 with Canopy gets Two Scotty AI’s and charges at 3400W in this video

This beautiful sandy taupe “Doin Oz” has all the toys. The boat on the roof though has a 12V winch and when starting up the power surges to 104A+ at 12v. A technical note on this type of winch: the fuse size suggested by the winch supplier is 60A. However, this size fuse wont blow at 104A for 2-3 secs. Yet the power required needs to meet the 104A or the winch will not start. There is a 24-48V Scotty connected to the new 200A alternator that achieved 3400W - a record for the 3000W model. The actual limit is 125A on the 24V side and the voltage is actually 27.5V so that’s how we exceed the nominal 3000W. This Scotty was auto-tuned by the team, no involvement in that by Bruce. No laptop nor computer is needed. The AI machine learning is on the alternator temperature rate of change and the current, voltage and time since start. The system learns what is a normal range for alternator temperature, if it is rising too quickly, it automatically moves the controlled power setting down a level. This protects the alternator. #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #liveinaworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #isuzunps #nps4x4 #airconallnight #ScottyAI #victronenergy #machinelearning #AI

In the Video below, twin 24V 200A alternators are fitted to this NLS 150 for 6,400W output from two Scotty AI's.
  1. The Isuzu NPS have small 24V Alternators around 90A. However, a second alternator at 24V can be fitted for maximum of 6000W charging. The Video above shows an upgraded 24V 200A alternator in an Isuzu NPS 300.
  2. Safiery "Scotty AI" transfers up to 3300W to charge the 48V battery bank. When the engine is off it will discharge from the 48V side to the 24V side. It is a bi-directional DC to DC power converter at 96% efficiency. It is Automotive compliant and installed in engine bay. There is NO NEED for a second 12V or 24v battery. It can deliver up to 320A at 24V combined with the second alternator to a 25,000lb winch.
Isuzu NPS for a Classic Aussie Gold Prospector is Totally Independent

Meet Peter who lives out of his Isuzu NPS Expedition Camper as he prospects for gold. It’s a hobby but a hobby that pays. As you will hear from Peter, it’s also about being out in the bush. Peter built this camper himself. It’s extremely functional. We guided Peter to use the tram Saphir for aircon so his roof area maximises the solar yield. There is 2000W up there producing on average 12,000Wh a day in summer. The Saphir is very efficient averaging 800W per hour So when camped, he can do his cooking, run the Safiery electric instant hot water and operate the aircon all day plus 8 hours at night. He works the system hard but that’s what we design it for. If the weather turns sour while on the coast touring, Scotty does the heavy lifting giving 3000W continuous from the 24V twin Alternator pack on the NPS. Great independence from Safiery: the “Power of Knowhow”.  #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #liveinaworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #isuzunps #nps4x4 #airconallnight #Scotty #prospecting #goldprospector #metaldetector

Safiery Solar 3,200W on Isuzu NPS & Trailer Runs Aircon All Day & Charges

Meet Darren Canfield who lives out of his Isuzu Motorhome and works out of his trailer. He needs aircon running full time in the trailer while he is working as there is little ventilation. Darren designs high-power transmission lines. He knows his technology. We find a lot of hi-tech users love the Safiery power at 48V. Darren has gone the extra mile and installed 1600W of solar on his work trailer. We have run the power feed from the trailer back through an Anderson plug into a smart solar controller in the motorhome. You will hear Darren declare that he got 1900W from the  4 x 400W panels in Adelaide last summer. That would have been mid morning when the panels are cool. Solar panel watts are rated at “Standard Test Conditions (STC)” which is precisely 1,000 watts per square meter of solar light at 25C. When the temperature is below this, the output rises. In this case, Darren saw 118% of the named panel value. Now once the panels get hot in the middle of the day up north, the typical solar wafer temperature is 60C and performance drops dramatically. To reduce this temperature, one thing we do at Safiery is increase the panel voltage as high as we can get. This reduces the current through the cells and this reduces the temperature. In this case the voltage is 77V. If the panels were running at the lower 22-24V typical for Redarc and Enerdrive DC DC/Solar controllers, the current would be 3 x greater and the solar cell temperature would rise significantly with a loss of efficiency. We typically get 20-30% more energy per day from solar that competitors with similar sized panels at 12V. Darren will run his aircon in the trailer AND the motorhome while in full sun AND charge his 48V lithium bank. As a backup, he has Scotty 24V to 48V running off the Isuzu NPS alternator. #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #liveinaworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #isuzunps #nps4x4 #airconallnight #Scotty

Isuzu NPS All Electric Kitchen Performs Flawlessly - Convection Oven and Double induction Cooktop

Meet Alan Cooke of @needtimeaway He is ready for the big lap. Listen to his first week away with the all-electric kitchen. The roast chicken was about an hour in the convection oven and the Safiery double induction managed the breakfast. This is a Safiery 48V system with #victronenergy 3000W Inverter/Charger and 600Ah Lithium (12v equiv). Energy is replenished with Scotty from the 24V alternator and the 800W of solar on the roof. The roof has a full size roof top tent which limited the solar array.  Alan picks up his new @spinifex caravan next month which is also 48V. He will have 1200Ah of Lithium between the vehicle and the van. He can run the aircon in the van virtually continuously from the Safiery system. Its also worthy to note the other big power requirement from the winches. There is a 25,000lb rear winch and a 17,000lb on the front. The rear winch is to extract the caravan if needed. That winch will require up to 275A at 24V. 150A will come from the alternator. Another 125A will come from Scotty which can will assist in 1/400 of a second. This gives Alan a lot of power choices. This project is done in collaboration with @allterrainwarriors #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #isuzunps #nps4x4 #airconallnight #Scotty

Isuzu NPS300 with Canopy & Camper gets first Scotty AI 24V in the World

Meet Wally McLoughlin of Newcastle and his Isuzu + Canopy + jack-off camper. Wally  owned a plumbing and gas fitting business. Guess what Wally did NOT want in this camper - LPG! This is an all electric Tourer with electric hot water and induction cooking. The system fits nicely on the front wall on drivers side leaving the passengers side free. This is the first 24V Scotty AI running in the world. It is the 37th AI model we have shipped. Each one has a digital serial number when you log in. No laptop nor computer is needed. It will auto-tune. The AI machine learning is on the alternator temperature rate of change and the current, voltage and time since start. The system learns what is a normal range for alternator temperature, if it is rising too quickly, it automatically moves the controlled power setting down a level. This protects the alternator.  Adding this feature took considerable time for what may seem as a small outcome. However, it’s the start of machine learning for Safiery which will be essential in the years ahead. #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #liveinaworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #isuzunps #nps4x4 #airconallnight #ScottyAI #victronenergy #machinelearning #AI


(All Diesel, all latest 2020 model)

Listed Alternator Size in Amps

Please check your vehicle to confirm

Available Option of adding a second alternator

Power that can be extracted after allowing 20A for daytime driving with air-con on

Lithium Batteries should accept this level of charging for maximum performance

ISUZU NPS 300 No Mods

90A 24V

Can have Second Alternator

70A at 24V


24V at 90A  Charging

​NPS 300


Dual Alternator Kit

Up to 6400W 200A at 24V 200A at 24V

Up to 6400W

​NLS 150

Dual Alternator Kit

Up to 6400W 200A at 24V 200A at 24V

Up to 6400W