Alternator Power Options

  1. CANbus Alternator Controller can transfer up to 100A at 48V (5,000W).
  2. Read this article on the future of DC to DC control:
  4. Safiery Buck Boost transfers 250A at 12V or 24V from the 48V input and vice versa.
    It is a bi-directional power converter at 95% efficiency.  
    It is Automotive compliant and installed in engine bay.
    There is NO NEED for a second 12V battery.
    It can deliver up to 200A at 48V with the Alternator to a 48V winch.


(All Diesel,
all latest 2020 model)

Listed Alternator Size in Amps

Please check your vehicle to confirm

Available Option of adding a second alternator

Power that can be extracted after allowing 40A for daytime driving with air-con on

Lithium Batteries should accept this level of charging for maximum performance

MAN 4×4, 6×6, 8×8


Can have 100A 48V
Second Alternator

Full 5,000W

48V at 100A 


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