4WD Canopy Power Kit 125-250A DC DC 3000-5000W Inverter/ 240V AC Charger 1000W Solar MPPT 10 Channel Digital Switching Victron Touch Display

JUPITER OPTIMUS MAXIMUS! (Means The Best and Greatest)

4WD Canopy Power Pack 125A DC DC 3000VA Inverter Charger Digital Switching

4WD Canopy Jupiter Power Pack Includes:

  • Jupiter Stainless steel case Laser Welded Original stainless Finish 155 Wide x 520L x 650 H (allow +/- 3mm)
  • Front Facia Printed Wrap with labels choose from one of 4 designs. Custom Designs available at additional cost.
  • 125A 12V DC DC Scotty AI 1500 with Auto-tuning and Smartphone App cabable of working with any alternator whether smart or otherwise from 200W output up.
  • Victron Multiplus-II 48/3000VA Inverter Charger. Has auto-cutover from external power to battery operation. Charges at 1, 750W (140A at 12V equivalent) and can overload by 30% for 30 mins when Inverter.
  • Victron Cerbo-S GX is Smart Hub driving Display and directing CAN BMS from Lithium Batteries to charging sources for optimal performance.
  • Victron Touch 50 Interactive Display
  • Touch 50 Anodized panel mount for Touch 50 Display
  • 2 x Max 9 magnetic controlled RCBO (highest quality)
  • 240V 15A Power In Sockets Panel Mount
  • GPO 240V Double Outlet
  • Round Outlet USB Type A 2.4A
  • Round Outlet USB Type C and Quick Charge
  • Round Outlet Cig type female
  • Smart Battery Protect 12V 65A
  • Resettable Breaker 20A for STAR-light
  • Resettable Breaker 60A for Compressor
  • Resettable Breaker 60A Spare
    (Note Jupiter can deliver up to 125A at 12V continuously)
  • 3 Anderson Plugs at 50A rating for Compressor, Spare and Solar Input
  • STAR-light 10 Channel Digital Switching. 4 Channels positive and 6 channels negatively switched which suits majority of dimmable LED lights. Power limit is 10A on Positive and 10A on Negative Channels.
  • STAR-switch water proof 8 button switch. Each button can switch dual colour channels (one press white, second press amber - same button) So 8 buttons can manage 10 channels.
  • 10 x Wago 4mm inline connectors for lights and pumps and fridge
  • NMEA connector to STAR-light from STAR-switch
  • 2 x pre-made amphenol connectors to batteries
  • 2 x Amphenol Male connectors (no cable) for connection to Alternator and Chassis ground)
4WD Canopy Power Pack 125A DC DC 3000VA Inverter Charger Digital Switching
Jupiter Canopy Digital Switching with Wireless Options
4WD Canopy Power Pack 125A DC DC 3000VA Inverter Charger Digital Switching

A strong lightweight case that resists scratches vibration with a warp that keeps it always like new.

  • 316 stainless steel - takes the hits and bumps
  • Precision robot laser welded
  • Stainless steel studs fuse welded inside - no outside marks
  • Front wrap selectable from range
  • Scratches and damage to front facia is simply refreshed with a new wrap.
SCOTTY AI 125A 12-48V CANbus Bi-directional DC to DC

125A DC DC Replenishes fast - no need for solar.

More powerful than any other DC DC on the market, it is very smart with Australian developed AI:

  • 125A DC DC
  • 96% Efficient 
  • Does not fade in output
  • AI auto-tunes to match alternator - any alternator whether smart or not.

High Quality Victron Inverter Charger

  • Auto-cutover from shore power to inverter
  • Runs 30% over rated load for 30 mins 
  • Programmed to comply with Australian standard with polarity and earth-neutral alarm meaning NO DOUBLE POLE outlets are required.
  • Two AC Outs with second one programmable.
Meteor Vertical Lithium Battery power and digital switching in 4WD Canopy Power Pack Jupiter

Ultimate in Compact Space

Photo shows equivalent to 800Ah at 12V in a footprint only 360mm x 285mm:

  • Each battery 412 Long
  • Each Battery train is 2500W power so 2 trains vertical delivers 5000W continuous.
  • Meteor comlies with new marine regulation for visible max and min cell voltage and temperature on display.

STARTING with our Easiest Wireless "STAR-light" Package

STAR-light typical 4WD Digital Switching with Bluetooth Buttons
STAR-light typical 4WD Digital Switching with Bluetooth Buttons Install Time
STAR-switch digital switching is waterproof for rear trays and tubs

Plain Switch buttons on the outside -
Smart Switches on Inside.

  • The difference to other technologies is the STAR-switches themselves are simple to use, custom engraved on the outside.
  • But super smart on the inside.

Smarts Inside:

  • Double press a switch to change to an alternative LED colour.
  • You can have two way, three way or even 4 way switching.
  • Wireless switches use the new Bluetooth compatible standard of 100m range. 
  • Rubberised engraved 8 button keypad is waterproof and can be outside.
  • Light sensors are built into some of the switches. 
  • Every button on any switch/keypad can be custom engraved.

Fuseless Circuits.

  •  Easy to say, hard to do. As an added safety to the digital circuit control in software, most put an overall fuse on the power supply and recommend cable sizes greater than the fuse protection. (Garmin, CZone)
  • The problem is if the DIY uses a 1mm2 wire for a LED circuit and it short circuits, the wire can melt and catch fire.
  • We took a different route to current limits because there are in-rush currents, operating currents and short circuit currents.
  • Our design slices time to reduce the total amount of watts of energy. Target is less than 5W of energy.
  • When a short circuit occurs, power cuts in 80 millionths/second.
  • it is an incredible feat: 80/millionths using reliable German chips.