Scotty AI is a bi-directional DC DC 12V to 48V and 24V to 48V that uses AI for auto-tuning. It is supported by a smartphone app and has over the air updates.

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This is the second version of Scotty called Scotty AI

Scotty AI is alternator charging using a revolutionary DC DC. It is "Automotive Grade" placing the reliability and ruggedness above commercial grade "Victron" products. 
Now in version 2, we have added AI. This is the result of over 300 installs of "manual tuning" in a wide variety of marine and RV applications. This is so revolutionary as it does not require the vehicle RPM to determine the alternator output. It determines it through AI which is patent pending.

  • Auto-tunes to the power curve of the alternator. It does this an a mandatory 2 minute startup process the first time you use Scotty AI. After that, it is auto-tuned.  
  • When the alternator temperature rises or other loads are applied at the vehicle, Scotty adjusts the tuning automatically for this alternator.
  • Layered on top of this are three "idle settings" as well as "off". Soft, Medium and Hard have 3 different power demand results on the alternator both at idle and when driving.
  • It shows the cable losses in watts for the alternator to Scotty AI cable and Scotty AI to Lithium battery with CAN BMS.
  • The firmware can be updated "OTA" Over-the-Air from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Meet Michael Nielsen. Michael upgraded from a Scotty Ver 1 to Scotty AI for his LC79. There is not much we can add to Michael’s testimonial so we will let you list to it first hand. 

Scotty gives simplicity as there is no need for a 12V house or auxilliary battery. It is 100% bi-directional. 

Scotty looks after your alternator with a dedicated alternator temperature sensor. There are 3 power settings at "idle". "Soft", "Medium" or "Hard".