Programming STAR-light and STAR-switch Digital Switching with Smartphone

Programming digital switching easily LED 4WD RV

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Introduction to STAR-light and STAR-switch Programming

The advent of technology has brought about a revolution in digital switching. Safiery's STAR-light and STAR-switch system introduces wireless long range bluetooth control to 4WD and RV's control systems. This technology is also very compact and easy to install. The clever part is the ease of programming that is shown in this video.

STAR-light and STAR-switch programming involves setting up multiple switches across 4 different switch types. Up to 6 switches can control one device or LED light. This makes it easy to set up Master and sub-master control. The beauty of this technology lies in its flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to create a personalized 4WD or RV experience.

The programming process is user-friendly and does not require any specialized knowledge or skills. All you need is your smartphone and the STAR-light and STAR-switch devices. The video shows you how it's done.

How to Connect Your Smartphone with STAR-light and STAR-switch

Before you can program your STAR-light and STAR-switch, you need to connect them to your smartphone. Select the WiFi SSID that starts with "STAR-light XXXX" and enter the default password of 12345678. Once connected use the Safiery/ Victron URL Then save this page on your smartphone for future use.

After successfully connecting your smartphone to the devices, you can now start programming them according to your needs. The app provides a comprehensive guide on how to do this, making the process easy and straightforward.

Step-by-Step Guide to Programming STAR-light and STAR-switch with Your Smartphone

Programming your STAR-light and STAR-switch involves setting up which switches will activate which devices. There are 3 different types of devices and 3 different types of switches:
1. Single device or LED that is non-dimmable.
2. Single LED that is dimmable
3. Dual Colour LED
4. RGBW (full colour) LED

Select the channel number and label it. Then select the switch button that will activate it:
1. From the waterproof 8 button keypad that is 2 wire can connected
2. From the Bluetooth long range wireless switch (battery operated)
3. From the Bluetooth long range wireless switch (12V powered - no battery)
4. On the STAR-touch multi-function display

Once you have selected the device, you can now start using it immediately.

The Dual colour LED's can be operated from one button: Single press is the first colour, double press is the second. Triple press combines both colours. This can be White, Amber and Golden Glow for both.

On the STAR-touch display, you can see the custom description , turn lights on/off, dim and change colour on the RGBW LED's.

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Smartphone Programming of STAR-light and STAR-switch

While the process of programming your STAR-light and STAR-switch is straightforward, you may encounter some issues along the way. One common issue is the WiFi dropping out because another WiFi is set to "auto-join" and dominates the connection. Simply turn off "auto-join" from the other dominant WiFi.

There is a "factory Reset" option to completely start fresh if you need to.

In conclusion, programming your STAR-light and STAR-switch using your smartphone is a simple and straightforward process that offers you the convenience of managing your 4WD/RV's lighting and switches with an easy wireless installation. You should be able to set up and manage your devices with ease.

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