Electric Hot Water Systems for RV and Marine

What are the benefits of using electric hot water rather than LPG?

·      Safer

·      Zero operating cost if using solar/ scotty

·      Takes less space

·      Efficiency is a little better in mobile applications


Caravan Fire from LPG

 Tankless electric hot water vs tank electric?

·      Smaller in size

·      Not carrying around deadweight of tank water as these models wont operate unless they are full.

·      Disadvantage is the 240v electric power required.



Instant Hot Water system using Inverter Charger


 Can you operate a Hot Water System without a 240V Inverter?

·      Yes, there are 12V and 48V tank based hot water systems in the 8L to 12L range.

·      The benefit of the Safiery 48V tank based hot water is:

o    the 1,000W of heating gives faster replenishment and makes a smaller tank more feasible to use.

o   Operating in a kitchen does not impact electric cooking on an inverter based power system.

o   The temperature setpoint goes to 70C. if plumbed exclusively in the kitchen a tempering valve may not be required.

o   It can be operated from solar/scotty while driving very efficiently.


What size Hot Water System can operate with a 240V Inverter?

·      With a 2000-3000VA inverter, the best choice is a tank based hot water system. These are typically 1500W of power and up to 15L in size for mobile applications. The replenishment rate of power is good. They heat up to a max of 55C and don’t require a tempering valve.

·      With a 5000-6000VA inverter, a tankless or instant hot water system is possible for the bathroom. The limitation is the flow rate. We do out testing at 3L/min which conserves water as well as maximizes temperature. However, when operating, all other 240V devices may need to be off.


Electric Hot Water 8L tank 70C

Can we operate an instant hot water system for both the bathroom and kitchen?

·      This is not recommended. The main reason is the electric cooking appliances need to be off when using the instant hot water and this is not practical. Consider the 8L 48V tank hot water in the kitchen area.


What temperature of hot water is possible with instant?

·      In our tests that you can see on videos, we comfortably reached 40-45C from an 18C starting temperature. This is around 5000W. The flow rate is 3L/min

·      Customers have reported higher temperatures at lower flow rates of 2 L/min.

·      We have a customer posted video who get 40C+ on a 3000W inverter with a very low flow rate of 1.5L/min. The system needs at least 1.2L/min to operate.


Safiery Instant Hot Water is safe compact and fast

Safiery Instant Hot Water vs other brands?

·      Virtually all other brands of instant or tankless hot water are controlled by output temperature. As a result the power required starts up very high and can stay at this level. Typically around 8000-9000W. We worked with Stiebel to try to reduce this with software changes but it was not possible.


·      Safiery’s instant or tankless hot water is controlled by power level. There are 7 power levels with level 6 being around 5000W and level 3 around 2800W. The power level stays in memory even when the 240V power is isolated and restored. Safiery’s unit also shows the temperature at the outlet and water run time.