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From November 18th 2023
The new Australian Standard AS/NZ 3001.2:2022 becomes compulsory.
Read for yourself the rules below. Applicable to RV's, Caravans, Motorhomes.
"Lithium Ion" includes all forms of Lithium Batteries including Lithium Iron Phosphate.
Sodium Ion Batteries are safe and ARE allowed inside the RV.
Electrical Regulations on Lithium batteries require external access
This means for the first time an Electrical Compliance Cetificate MUST include confirmation that the batteries comply with the regulations. This would also apply to any changes to an installation after this date.
However, Safiery have two solutions:
1. For those RV's that just have to have a battery inside the RV and it isnt practical or affordable to change the RV to located the batteries outside or with outside access only: there is the new Sodium battery available in 12V and 48V
2. For those RV's that can locate the batteries outside or with outside access only like a tunnel boot: there is the new Meteor pluggable battery available in 48V

Safiery’s Meteor Batteries Give Detailed Diagnostics

You normally don’t need to see these details, but they are exceptionally valuable after accidentally totally discharging a lithium battery. Why? When there are multiple lithium batteries connected in parallel and they have been totally discharged, the internal resistance of each battery will not be the same. When a charge is applied to recover the batteries, one or more individual batteries may pick up all the charge leaving one of more still discharged. If this isn’t spotted early enough and the the battery that hasn’t accepted charged is forced to start after the other batteries are close to fully charged, it may received a high current from the other batteries and blow the BMS. The BMS in this case is perfectly correct in doing this as an extremely high current may otherwise cause a thermal runaway. The good news is it’s safe, the bad news is it’s a new BMS or battery. Now with Safiery’s Meteor battery, you (and Safiery on Gold Support) can see exactly if the cells are balanced when charging. To do this required some fundamental BMS changes. We had to design the BMS to operate at a much lower voltage so it is still running when batteries are flat. Then you see Delta Cell voltages and Delta Cell temperatures giving everyone the peace of mind of both Safety and protecting their investment.

This is just one of the new features in Safiery’s Meteor Lithium Battery. Available in 24V, 36V and 48V. We have taken our experience from installing over 1,600 48V Lithium to develop the absolute best CAN-BMS battery in the market. The top 5 features of this battery are: 1) Waterproof 2) Plug-n-play 3) Remote on/off 4) Plus Scotty AI Meteor on for instant 12V utility and 12V DC DC charging 5) Detail display of Cell Diagnostics on #Victronenergy Cerbo . #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #liveinaworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #Scotty #48V #lithium  #integrated #dualvoltagesystem #ram1500 #LC300 #LC200 #RAM2500 #lc79 #ranger #zoneRV #JBcaravans #lotus #caravan #offgrid #fordranger  #dyness

Lithium vs AGM vs Sodium Batteries info graphic 2023
Safiery introduces a “ZERO LITHIUM” Sodium ion battery:
  • It has absolutely no lithium present.
  • It is not susceptible to “thermal runaway” and is therefore safe
  • It has alternative metals principally sodium.
  • It is a similar weight to lithium
  • It has slightly less capacity than lithium
  • It has a much higher discharge rate of 3 x lithium iron phosphate
  • It has a much longer cycle life than lithium.
  • However, it operates over a slightly higher voltage range to nearly 16V.
  • Victron Inverter Chargers and Smart Solar Chargers operate within the full range of these batteries.
  • There will be two sizes in 12V and one size in 48V. All are 3 year Warranty with 10,000 cycles expected life

There are two sizes. One in 12V and One is 48V range:

12V 100Ah

  • 307mm L x 170mm W x 225mm H
  • Fitted with 100A BMS
  • Fitted with Bluetooth
  • About 13kgs

48V 1700Wh (150Ah at 12V) Meteor Plugable Battery

  • 410 mmL x 180mmW x 285mm H
  • Fitted with 2500W BMS
  • Fitted CAN BMS for Victron cerbo
  • About 20kgs
Two x 100A Sodium Ion battery in parallel will safely operate from a 2000VA Victron inverter
Two x 48V Sodium Ion Meteor battery that plug together will safely operate from a 3000VA Victron inverter


Sodium Ion Battery
“ This Sodium Ion battery contains ZERO lithium and ZERO lead acid cells. It can be installed inside an RV with safety in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3001.2:2022. Specific clauses on Lead Acid (5.4.11)and Lithium Batteries (5.4.12) are not applicable.”
Sodium Ion Batteries
Compatible with Victron Inverter/Chargers and Solar MPPT Controllers.

Because of the slightly higher charging voltage, not all brands of power devices will be suitable. Maximum charge voltage of 15.8V is required at 12V and 63.2V at 48V.