4WD Canopy Power Packs 12V Monster Sale

4wd Canopy Power Packs 12V 400Ah Lithium battery 3000W Inverter Charger 50A DC DC
Jupiter 12V 3000VA Inverter 50A DC DC 30A SMART SOLAR STARSHIP Switching
4wd Canopy Power Packs 12V 400Ah Lithium battery 3000W Inverter Charger 50A DC DC

4WD Canopy Jupiter Power Pack Includes:

  • Jupiter Stainless steel case Laser Welded Original stainless Finish 155 Wide x 560L (plus plugs) x 650 H (allow +/- 3mm)
  • Front Facia Printed Wrap with labels choose from one of 4 designs. Custom Designs available at additional cost.
  • 50A 12V DC DC Victron Orion XS capable of working with any alternator whether smart or otherwise.
  • Victron Multiplus-II 12/3000VA Inverter Charger. Has auto-cutover from external power to battery operation. Charges at 1, 750W (120A at 12V) and can overload by 30% for 30 mins when Inverter.
  • Victron Cerbo-S GX is Smart Hub driving Display and directing CAN BMS from Lithium Batteries to charging sources for optimal performance.
  • Victron Touch 50 Interactive Display
  • Touch 50 Anodized panel mount for Touch 50 Display
  • 2 x Max 9 magnetic controlled RCBO (highest quality)
  • 240V 15A Power In Sockets Panel Mount
  • GPO 240V Double Outlet
  • Round Outlet USB Type A 2.4A
  • Round Outlet USB Type C and Quick Charge
  • Round Outlet Cig type female
  • Smart Battery Protect 12V 65A
  • Resettable Breaker 20A for STAR-light
  • Resettable Breaker 60A for Compressor
  • Resettable Breaker 20A for Fridges (2)
    (Note Jupiter can deliver up to 125A at 12V continuously)
  • 3 Anderson Plugs at 50A rating for Compressor, Fridges and Solar Input
  • STAR-light 10 Channel Digital Switching. 4 Channels positive and 6 channels negatively switched which suits majority of dimmable LED lights. Power limit is 10A on Positive and 10A on Negative Channels.
  • STAR-switch water proof 8 button switch. Each button can switch dual colour channels (one press white, second press amber - same button) So 8 buttons can manage 10 channels.
  • 10 x Wago 4mm inline connectors for lights and pumps and fridge
  • NMEA connector to STAR-light from STAR-switch
  • 2 x pre-made amphenol connectors to batteries
  • 2 x Amphenol Male connectors (no cable) for connection to Alternator and Chassis ground)

This package includes 2 x 200Ah CAN BMS Lithium.

The 3000VA Inverter won't operate on 1 x 200Ah

Jupiter 12V 3000VA Inverter 400Ah Lithium 50A DC DC 30A SMART SOLAR STARSHIP Switching

5 Reasons Why the Safiery 200Ah Lithium Battery is Safest Purchase


The Slimline 200Ah Lithium battery is housed in a metal case. The Internal cells are housed in their own metal frame with an air-gap between the fame holding the cells and the case. This protects the cells from mechanical abuse. You can stand on this battery, drop this battery, squeeze it into very tight spaces and there is zero impact on the safety or performance. ABS cases just crack when exposed to mechanical pressure creating a potential safety issue. Battery is 511L x 125D x 320mmH

2. Battery Management System Protects User

Victron's power electronics are the most advanced in the world. They are one of the few brands that listen to the health of a battery 400 times a second. Unless the battery is giving a healthy heart beat on what is called CAN communication, the charging devices stop charging instantly. This protects the user from a rogue charger pouring in power to a failed or full discharged battery. With a fully discharged battery, the CAN message dictates a low safe trickle charge and Victron's power electronics follow this. The result is a long serving and safe battery system.

3. 2000W Induction Hob runs on this Battery

The Slimline 200Ah Lithium battery has a 200A continuous power Battery Management System.

This is enough power to operate the 2000W induction hob shown in the video on a single Safiery 200Ah Lithium Battery.

No Shunt Needed with Safiery CAN based Lithium

4. No Shunt Needed with Victron: Plug-n-play

The Smart Battery Management System in this 200Ah Slimline battery communicates with a plug-in data cable (cable provided). There is no need for messy cumbersome shunts with hug lugs.

5. Charge at 80A or 130A with second DC DC

We have kept the biggest feature to last. This battery can accept both the 50A DC DC AND 30A Victron Smart Solar MPPT at the same time.

Add a second Orion XS 50A DC DC and Jupiter will deliver a Whopping 130A of charging from Alternator and 400W Solar.

Other systems that combine Solar and DC DC are limited to 40A/50A of combined charged.

This Next Package includes 1 x 200Ah CAN BMS Lithium.

A second one can be added

Jupiter 12V 2000VA Inverter 50A DC DC 30A SMART SOLAR STARSHIP Switching

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