Travel the World Without Consuming the Earth

Our Purpose

Building the future that our next generation deserves, requires appropriate steps to reverse the carbonization of our atmosphere. We believe we are the first generation to experience the lasting impact of climate change, and the last generation with a chance to act decisively.

We believe when people personally experience exceptional sustainable energy, it strengthens their commitment to decarbonisation in the wider community.

This is what we do: Exceptional solutions to “Travel and Live in a world, without consuming the Earth”.

We are convinced that we can create sustainable living for the mobile and marine lifestyle, and promote sustainable EV charging for the community. Innovation with purpose has been in our DNA for decades.

Exceptional Solutions

This requires exceptional technology and deep domain experience.

Exceptional technology leapfrogs current practices, engages people and is instantly recognizable.

Deep Domain experience requires an enduring collaboration with customers. Customers have expectations about what is beneficial. Our collaboration goal is to design how this can be achieved.

Solutions also have practical constraints of space, budget, and time to deliver. Space is a luxury.

Having completed hundreds of solution packs and installations, our team have invaluable insight of how to complete designs in the tightest of spaces and create sustainable value from enduring solutions.

Exceptional Technology

An underpinning requirement with renewable energy is exceptional efficiency. This is a “must” for Safiery power conversion devices. High efficiency minimizes heat losses which in turn promotes a longer enduring life for electrical components. Operating power systems at higher DC voltages is therefore a must. Safiery pioneered the use of 48V systems in RV’s winning industry recognition with two awards in 2021. Our stationary energy DC DC design targets 99% efficiency and 1,250V DC. Our designs are always to minimize space required.

Wireless technologies and CAN based two wire communication minimize cabling and installation costs and time. This reduces the budget costs in installation labour creating exceptional value. Our new STARship products are being released in late 2023: “The ultimate wired and wireless device control: switches plus battery, temperature and tank monitoring from one or more Touch displays."

Pushing the boundaries can nudge safety limits. We have our first AI product operating with Scotty protecting alternators from high temperatures. Our new STARsafety product monitors Lithium battery cell temperatures for “outlier” temperature rise rate of change with current and voltage. In the unlikely event of external electrical or mechanical abuse, our STARsafety shuts down the Lithium battery bank quickly.

Safety also calls for an alternative to Lithium or lead/acid battery technology. Safiery will release the ZERO ION battery range in 2023. Using activated IONs from alternative metals, they contain ZERO lithium. They have exceptional safety benefits and mimic the weight and power ability of lithium batteries without the safety risk. Their energy density is slightly less, but driven by a lower price per Wh, strong market acceptance is expected.

Deep Domain Collaboration

We believe continuous learning is a mandatory investment in our people. We encourage our people to directly engage with customers during the solution design and build process to avoid third party translations. We use an electronic whiteboard cloud hosted and managed by a Scrum-master. We keep images and information on “as built” solutions for many years in the cloud. Our R&D team collaborates with customers who become innovation stakeholders. We imagine, design and manufacture breakthrough products that put the customer first. We continue supporting customers with our “Gold Support” continuous monitor and remote assistance.

“We are technologists that turn the functional into the unforgettable”

How we serve Customers

Safiery Package Solutions and ship both Australia wide and globally.
Safiery do vehicle fit outs in Arundel.
Safiery design and work with OEM/installers for Marine fit outs.
Safiery design power packs for specialist vehicle/ truck OEMs for high power applications.
Safiery design and ship large scale commercial and micro-grid energy systems and flow battery DC DC Australia wide.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

We love ART. Employees focus on the beauty of their work.
This drives our obsession with how a solution looks. The result is that people say "Wow!".

Agile Framework

Our business is structured on an Agile framework. Projects are mapped and retained with compliance documentation on an Agile Storyboard in the cloud.

Our project leaders are supported by a Scrum Master, specialized in Project Management/ Logistics..

Our Partners

We wrap our application specific designs with proven trusted global brands.
• Victron Energy - global leader in power conversion below 15kW off grid
• Murata Power - global leader in power conversion components for EV's, 5G, Telecom

Licences and Memberships
  • Queensland Electrical Contractors Licence : 88612 expiry Sept 2024
  • Victoria Electrical Contracting Licence
  • Member of the Clean Energy Council (Australia)
  • Member of IEEE Australia.
  • CEC Approval as a direct importer and distributor of Lithium batteries.
Our Leadership

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Bruce Loxton, spent 22 years with ABB and Honeywell. Two of the biggest names in power and control. Bruce holds a B.E. (Hons) University of Queensland, is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Engineers since 1984, a Member of IEEE since 1995. Bruce is also an Alumni of Harvard University, University of Southern California and NYU Stern.

Fiona Hou, our Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer has a degree in Communications Engineering and holds a Masters from Edith Cowan University in WA. Fiona has in depth software experience in 3D modelling and design.

Sustainability Driven Innovation

Mobility is a core element of our lives and is a key element of recreational travel whether by vehicle or boat. Cooking, heating, cooling and hot water requires significant energy. Historically, gensets were used as a source of major power and LPG for minor power.

These are a significant source of environmental pollution.

We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air and create a cleaner environment for our children. We’re confident that when individuals experience sustainable energy at a personal level, it influences their commitment to reverse the adverse trend of carbonisation.

By exploring renewable materials, sustainable manufacturing concepts through licensing, innovative processes, and developing new clean energy technologies, we’re confident that we can leave this planet a better place than we found it.

We are working on solutions to deliver our customer’s needs with the minimum environmental impact: from raw materials through manufacture and service; to end-of-life reuse or recycling.

Our Name and Logo

Our name derives from being fired-up. The english spelling of the adjective is "Fiery".

Our Logo comes from the environmentally green Phoenix bird flying from the ashes.

Put togther, we are fired up about decarbonisation and leaving the carbon ashes behind.

Always Recruiting Talented People - Consider a Career with Safiery

Everyone has talent. We help take the lid off and pour it out...

Safiery recruits people with the ability to absorb new technology quickly and contribute with their own experience in these areas:

  • Customer Service.
  • Detailed Assembly and Software loading and testing of firmware.
  • Build and Manage customer projects. 
  • Deep knowhow in Marine power and electronics.
  • Build Relationships with Customers and be their Advocate (Sales).

We tailor roles around peoples strengths. So we don't advertise specific jobs, we look for talented people and develop a role that suits them.

You have read our story. We would like to hear your story. Go to our Menu in the header> Stories> One to One with Bruce and book a time. Lets hear from you live!

Commitment to Multi-cultural, Gender and Age Diversity
Safiery has employees who hail from 7 different countries in the world. We particularly welcome New Zealanders who have innovation in their DNA. We are 35% women in the  workplace and value the diversity this brings. Our goal is to be 50% gender balanced. 35% of our employees are over the age of 50. We welcome the insight that comes from a depth of experience. 20% of our employees are under 25. We welcome youngsters with a thirst for knowledge. We welcome people with disabilities that doesn't exclude them from sitting and doing fine motor assembly work.