Updating Firmware with Scotty Ai

Its easy to update the firmware in any of the Scotty AI Models:

  1. Scotty AI 12V- 24V, 36V or 48V 3000W
  2. Scotty AI 24V- 48V 3000W
  3. Scotty AI 12V – 24V, 36V or 48V 1500W
  4. Scotty AI M – 48V to 12V pre-charged no 12V battery required.

The firmware is compiled, encrypted and available to you by email.

  • The email address is the same used in the End User Licence Agreement.
  • If you haven’t agreed to this, the firmware can’t be sent to you.
  • The Software is not available to be download on-line.

After you received the email follow these steps.

  1. Be connected to the internet, not Scotty and open the email.
  2. Select the attachment marked Scotty and ending in .bin (binary)
  3. Save this file to your phone. Caution: Apple has a default to save to icloud and this will not work as you may not be internet connected if linking to Scotty WiFi
  4. Connect to the Scotty WiFi
  5. Open up a new URL on the phone:
  6. Choose the Saved File
  7. Press “Update”
  8. The 0-100% indicator wont move as you will not be connected to internet. Dont Worry.
  9. Wait 30 seconds
  10. Then go to the Scotty Home page
  11. Not the software version that appears is the new version number.
  12. You are Updated and all the parameters previously entered are preserved. You don’t need to re-enter any parameter.
  13. Go to our CHAT Bot – also with AI now and ask for help if having difficulty