Safiery Double Induction & Single Induction get “Smooth Power” 300W to 2000W

Double Induction and Single Induction Smooth Power

Double Induction Smooth Power

Using double induction with smooth power rather than pulsing power at low power levels offers several significant benefits:

1. Enhanced Control:

The continuous and stable power supply enables better control over the cooking. This precise control allows for accurate adjustments to the power level, ensuring optimal performance and desired outcomes in various applications.

2. Improved Efficiency:

Smooth power delivery in double induction systems ensures a more efficient utilization of energy. By avoiding sudden spikes and drops in power, the system can operate more consistently, leading to better energy efficiency and reduced wastage.

3. Reduced Eddy Current Losses:

Eddy currents are minimized with smooth power delivery, as there are no abrupt changes in magnetic fields that can lead to losses. This reduction in eddy current losses contributes to higher overall efficiency in the system.

4. Minimized Heating Issues:

Pulsing power can sometimes lead to localized heating in the system, which may affect components and reduce their lifespan. With smooth power delivery, the risk of overheating is reduced, promoting longevity and reliability of the equipment.

5. Consistent Heating:

In processes that require precise and uniform heating, such as in induction cooking or industrial applications, smooth power delivery ensures consistent heating throughout the material. This results in better quality outcomes and improved process control.

6. Noise Reduction:

Pulsing power can generate electromagnetic interference and audible noise in induction systems. By utilizing smooth power delivery, noise levels can be reduced, creating a quieter working environment and minimizing disruptions.

7. Extended Equipment Lifespan: The stable power supply provided by double induction with smooth power helps in prolonging the lifespan of induction equipment. Reduced stress on components and consistent operation contribute to increased durability and reduced maintenance requirements.

In conclusion, opting for double induction with smooth power at low power levels offers a range of benefits including improved efficiency, enhanced control, reduced losses, minimized heating issues, consistent heating, noise reduction, and extended equipment lifespan. These advantages make this approach a favorable choice for applications where precision, reliability, and energy efficiency are paramount.

Single Induction Smooth Power

It is common to find induction cooktops that pulse at lower power levels. this stresses the inverter as well as the food. 

These new revisions of the Safiery induction Cooktop are the same as before but we have updated the software for totally smooth power control. From 300W to 1980W on the single hob.

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