Why have Auto Height Height and Auto-levelling?

There are three major goals with air suspension for a caravan:

  1. Caravan Ride Quality: Isolating the road inputs minimizing vibration effects.
  2. Caravan Control: Keeping the rubber on the road for maximum safety.
  3. Caravan Travel height: Adjusting for different travel conditions.

For height control when travelling, STAR-ride auto-ride height allows the user to set 3 levels:

  1. Low Rider:   Hugging the blacktop and reducing air resistance for better economy.
  2. Normal: gives good travel for all conditions
  3. Water Crossing: elevates the caravan to maximum safe slow travel height.

For height control when camping, STAR-ride auto-ride height allows the user to auto-level:

  1. Camping:   The Air suspension adjusts until the caravan is level

Control from Vehicle:

  1. Tablet removes and relocates to suction cup mount in vehicle.
  2. Full control using WiFi from vehicle