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“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Simplify your Screens to just one… then take this ONE 10″ Screen to many locations.

  • Mount as a head unit in a LC79, Unimog, Iveco, OKA or other. Then just lift off the 10″ screen and place in the canopy or camper.
  • Mount as a head unit in a caravan. Then just lift off the 10″ screen and place on the suction mount in the vehicle.
  • Control virtually every conceiveable connected item from this screen.
  • Take it to the fire at night and control your speakers, lights and monitor your battery. Take it to your Roof Top Tent.

Safiery Integrated Display Automation Caravan

Award Winning GARMIN Navigation

  • This navigation does not require the internet. (like Apple Carplay does)
  • Get Camper-specific Garmin navigation with hands-free voice control,
  • Camper routing that matches your rig, driver alerts and points of interest.
  • Sets up your Vehicle and Van Profiles
  • Set up your trip before leaving home.
  • Keeps a History of your trip.
  • Enabling or Disabling Driver Alerts
  • Red light and speed cameras
  • Navigate to your destination
  • Select Routes on the map… Plus much more…

Award Winning HEMA Locations – built for Camping

Australian maps with HEMA integration: they can be incorporated into your travel plan BEFORE you leave.

There is no need for the internet (like Apple or Google Maps).

The locations are all stored inside the head unit. Here is the category list from HEMA.

Award Winning FUSION Sound System

Music Playback and Stereo Features
  • Radio, Bluetooth Streaming, Apple Airplay, USB, Android, UPnP.
  • 4 Zones ready for Speakers
  • Suggest 2 Zones in Canopy/ Camper; 2 Zones in Cab
  • Control Volume by Zone
  • Adjust Tones by Zone
  • Attach a Subwoofer
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Muting all Connected Stereos
  • Automatic Volume Adjustment Based on Speed
  • USB Device Playback Control

Optional 4 Speaker Package for FUSION Sound System

Packaged in Black or White
  • Outdoor Speakers are IP65.
  • 4 Zones to suit Speakers
  • Suggest 2 Zones in Canopy/ Camper; 2 Zones in Cab
    OR 2 Zones inside/ 2 Zones outside in Caravan
  • Control Volume by Zone
  • Adjust Tones by Zone
  • Rated at 100W per speaker
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Frequency Response of 67 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 431 x 171 mm
  • 41mm Deep
  • Can have optional spacer for surface mounting.

Award Winning IP Cameras

  • While up to 4 RCA cameras can be connected,
  • The power of cameras is with IP cameras. They are inexpensive and higher resolution.
  • The optional modem router is required for the IP Cameras.
  • IP Cameras can be visible on your Smartphone connected to the local WiFi
  • IP Cameras can also be visible through the internet when away from the Van or Vehicle for remote viewing of activity.

Award Winning TPMS & Airbag Automation

  • Tyre Pressure AND Temperature is critical to monitor in a big trip.
  • Just add the External Sensor on the Tyre Inflator stem
  • Configure each cap to its location.
  • Water resistant.
  • Replaceable sensor batteries.
  • Sensors transmit pressure and temperature data every 5 minutes.
  • Fast leakage alert.
  • Airbag control at touch of button
  • See Pitch and Roll on Screen

External Keypad with user Settable PIN to Activate

  • CAN bus switch panel means only 2 data wires and power instead of 40 to traditional switch panel (3 LED status/switch)
  • 8 programmable buttons but first 4 kept for PIN
  • Button show led, running and alarm indication which can be dynamic (led colors: orange, orange, red)
  • Customized text for user designed switches
  • Buttons are backlight for night time operation
  • Durability & robustness IP67 means designed for harsh environment.
  • UV stable means designed for outdoor mounting

World Exclusive User Customisation Included in Licence

  • User can set their own PIN code for external switch activation.
  • User can select which channels are activated for up to 4 modes
  • User can select which channels the external 8 button switch activates.
  • User can select which channels the internal 4 button smart switch activates.
  • User can calibrate or recalibrate the water tanks.


Safiery’s Integrated Display is both integrated “hardware” and integrated “software”:

  • Uses the GARMIN 8 /10 inch high resolution Display using Safiery software connecting to FOUR MODULES for RV’s.
  • Software is compiled binary code and can’t be replicated from the installed system.
  • There is close to 1,000 hours of software and hardware development in this system. The business model is that this standard software is included in the End User Licence Agreement when a complete package is purchased from Safiery. It is licenced software and not available for sale as a separate software or a separate GARMIN system.
  1. Garmin Vieo Head Unit
      • Garmin Navigation with accurate GPS – Australian maps with downloadable updates and no internet needed
      • Garmin “Where to” Map Database – no internet needed
      • Hema Guides: Camping Grounds etc – no internet needed
      • Smartphone integration for calls and contact database
      • Digital Audio Band (DAB) Radio – digital radio of the future.
      • Fusion Multi-media System (Bluetooth streaming & Airplay)
      • 4 Channel Fusion Speaker Ready
      • Connection to selected vehicle steering wheel controls for sound/phone using CANbus
      • Connect RCA Reversing camera Input and up to 3 other RCA cameras
      • 4 Configurable tank inputs, these are all voltage inputs only however via the use of a resistor you can convert your resistance-based sender to output a voltage signal, an example of this is in the inputs section of the manual.
      • 1 channel dedicated for switch inputs from up to 6 physical momentary switches. These are multiplexed via the use of resistors, see the inputs section of the manual.
      • 18 Outputs are fully configurable, each output can be assigned to one or multiple of the four different modes, each output can also be assigned to one or multiple of the 6 physical switches, the outputs can also be assigned to be dimmable (lights, fans) or non-dimmable outputs (TV’s, DC outlets etc.).
      • 2 Outputs are permanently set to be non-configurable outputs, these are non- dimming and cannot be assigned to modes or physical switches.
      • Connects to Safiery CANbus BMS Lithium batteries directly CAN
      • Connects to Safiery Scotty, Scotty 1500 and Spock DC DC controllers directly
      • Connects to Safiery Touch Controller CAN
      • Connects to Safiery CANbus connected IP67 Rubberized Outdoor 8 button switch by CAN
      • Connects to Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) by CAN
      • Connects to Light Intensity Sensor by RS485
      • Connects to Safiery digital tank level sensors (IP 67) by RS485
      • Captures information from Victron system: VE.BUS, VE.DIRECT and VE.CAN devices by Ethernet
      • Sets Victron Inverters on/off/charger/inverter
      • Sets Inverter Charger AC Current Input Limit
      • Captures information from Ruuvi Bluetooth Wireless Pucks – up to 6
      • Connects to Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS by CAN
      • Connects to Safiery Composting Toilet Automation by RS485
      • Connects to Safiery Automation of electric controlled Suspension Levelling System and manual Airbag control (check if air-suspension control system compatible) by RS485
      • Connects to digital Inclinometer and Airbag control by RS485
      • Connects IP Cameras – no limit but in practice 4 cameras suit connect by Cat5e
      • Connects Safiery Birds-Eye 4 Channel Processor with digital output connect by Special Cat 10 cable
      • Connects 4 IP67 cameras to Birds-Eye Processor by 4 wire AHD
      • Connects to Victron Cloud system giving users Victron Remote Management access by 4G
      • Connects to Remote Smartphone App for IP Camera viewing remotely
      • Connects IP camera system to App in Safiery Integrated Display using WiFi

span style=”line-height:85%”><Safiery’s Integrated Display is the GARMIN 8 inch or 10 inch High resolution Display which can be mounted:

      • On a suction cup holder in vehicle with in-built power supply. Connects to Head Unit by WiFi
      • On the actual Head Unit magnetically attached and fitted in a double DIN slot in vehicle (LC79, Iveco, Mercedes and many others)
      • On a powered magnetic wall mounted base with in-built power supply. Connects to Head Unit by WiFi
  1. Safiery Software

Safiery’s Integrated Display integrated “software”:

  • Has a single “main use” graphic display with most used information and user defined modes for digital switching.
  • Has a vehicle or RV “Chassis level” display with pitch and roll, TPMS and air bag control
  • Has a “individual switch” display for each of the controlled outputs
  • Has a “Victron Inverter/Charger Control” display
  • Has a “User Customisation” display
  • It is licenced software; not available for sale as a separate software or a separate GARMIN system.

With a powerful choice of “mode” and “multi-device” switches, there is a user defined “Settings Page”.

On this page, the user selects which outputs are linked to the modes and 4 button switches.



Integrated Display Video

Integrated Display in OKA Video


Full walk-through Video of Safiery Integrated Display in LC79 Coffee Truck


Full walk-through Video of Safiery Integrated Display

Garmin Navigation & HEMA Integration Video


When you purchase a Victron populated system togther with this item, we add the integration and change the screen to the one shown in the image above. There may be optional items shown above which are NOT included.