Refurbished NPS300 gets Induction Hob Whopper

Refurbished NPS300 from 10 year old SLRV

Project requirements are "comfortable living for a big 2 year round Australia Lap"."We want to live well and enjoy seeing Australia."

Highest priority was NO LPG appliances and replace with electric.

The comfort of airconditioning all night was a must.

Starlink has two dishes. When parked under trees: a remote pluggable dish; plus installed receiver on the roof.

Starlink will stream to the multi-media displays as well as providing internet service. 

Customer NPS Refurbishment to suit owner

Custom refits are the most difficult to do.

  • Repeat engineering assures reliability.
  • Quality comes from known experience of power outcomes .
  • These are big power requiring at least 2 voltages, generally 3 which is no problem with simple implementation of high efficiency DC DC's.

Kitchen has 7kw 4 Hob Induction 

This induction 4 burner cooktop by a well known German brand requires a lot of power: 7,000 watts.

This was no trouble with the Victron Energy 6000VA Inverter/Charger. It has an integrated Solar MPPT and the solar power adds to the battery inverter power. We can achieve 7000W comfortably with this system.


Two Scotty AI DC DC 24V 48V and 12V

From the vehicle alternators, Scotty AI 24-48V DC DC extracts up to 3000W of power easily. 

It is bi-directional and supplies 24V power to the 24V appliances on board.

In particular it will add 3000W to power the 24V winch in addition to the twin alternator setup.

The second Scotty AI is 48V to 12V powering all the 12V appliances and lights.

External Washing Machine with integrated grey tank and dump pump.

Watch the video to see the grey water tank drops its load at the rear of this camper below the washing machine.

The washing machine will run with hot water from the 48V 8L tank even when the Aircon is running and kettle/ espresso is running.

There is no shortage of power.

Dual Hot Water System 70C Tank for Kitchen, 55C Instant for shower

The magic of dual hot water systems is the best of both worlds. One feeding the kitchen (and washing machine) at 70C for super clean dishes. It runs at 48V - no inverter load!

The second hot water is "instant". It draws close to the 6000W but can be set back to 5000W LEAVING THE AIR-CON TO RUN UN-DISTURBED. This hot water uses the least amount of energy. 

STARship is a game changer of convenience. Simple has never been this Smart.

This keypad is outside the camper. It is waterproof. It sets the modes and the user lets the automation follow: Travel mode retracts the steps, turns off all lights, the water pumps, the hot water system, closes the exhaust fans, turns off the inverter (if required).

There can be up to 6 buttons throughout the camper for one device. The switches can also be battery operated bluetooth. In this unit, the customer liked the feel of these rubberised keypads. "suits large fingers". They are backlit and actual buttons.

Birdseye Camera System is visible when reversing and inside camper at night.

This implementation lets the user view the birdseye camera inside the cab and also inside the camper at night.

Safiery Integrated Display is 800 Hours of engineering for the future so you can enjoy today!

This is based on the Garmin system with Safiery's experience of more than 30 similar systems.

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