Ford Ranger Alucab Fitout All Electric Kitchen Instant Hot Water

Ford ranger Wildtrak Alucab Power fitout all electric kitchen instant hot water

Space is a luxury, Low Weight is Essential

What Appliances are in this Alucab Camper?

  • 135L Upright Fridge/ Freezer
  • 65L Upright Fridge
  • 50 L Water Tank with tank Level Monitoring
  • Instant Hot Water 5000W
  • Desalinator 2400W  (because tank is only 50L)
  • Single Induction 2000W
  • Airfryer 2400W
  • Espresso Machine 1500W
  • Ice Cube Maker

What are the benefits of using electric hot water rather than LPG in thei Alucab?

  • Safer
  • Zero operating cost
  • Takes much less space
  • High efficiency

Benefits over tank electric?

  • Smaller in size
  • Not carrying around deadweight of tank water as these models wont operate unless they are full.
  • Higher Efficiency. Tank take more energy to heat up and wastes energy staying hot.

What size Inverter is needed to operate?

  • A 5000-6000VA inverter is perfect. At 48V, A Victron Energy 5000VA Inverter/Charger is 65% lower in price than a 12V equivalent. 

What hot water temperature is achieved with instant hot water?

  • In our tests that you can see on videos, we comfortably reached 40-45C from an 18C starting temperature. This is around 5000W. The flow rate is 3L/min
  • Customers have reported higher temperatures at lower flow rates of 2 L/min.
  • We have a customer posted video who get 40C+ on a 3000W inverter with a very low flow rate of 1.5L/min. The system needs at least 1.2L/min to operate.

What is the difference between Safiery Instant Hot Water and other brands?

  • Virtually all other brands of instant or tankless hot water are controlled by output temperature. As a result the power required starts up very high and can stay at this level. Typically around 8000-9000W. We worked with Stiebel to try to reduce this with software changes but it was not possible.
  • Safiery’s instant or tankless hot water is controlled by power level. There are 7 power levels with level 6 being around 5000W and level 3 around 2800W. The power level stays in memory even when the 240V power is isolated and restored. Safiery’s unit also shows the temperature at the outlet and water run time.

How is Battery Capacity Replenished?

  • A 250A DC DC called Scotty AI can achieve 2,5000W of charging from this Ford Ranger Wildtrak.
  • 96% Efficiency means it does not reduce output over time. 
  • Patented AI feature auto-tunes to match alternator and ensures the alternator is protected at all times.
  • Bi-directional means when engine is off, 12V powers in reverse from the 48V side to the 12V.
  • Winch Support: this unit can add 250A to the alternator and starter battery so can operate a 14000lb winch without any additional battery in engine bay.

What Power and Lithium Batteries are used?

  • 5000VA Victron Inverter/Charger. It will operate 30% over rating for 30 minutes and so can deliver a true 5000W of power.
  • Safiery Meteor Lithium Batteries are concealed under the inverter. These are waterproof, sealed with no exposed terminals. There is 7,200Wh of lithium which is arund 600Ah at 12V.
  • Turning the batteries on/off is done simply by the press button. However there is an isolator to the inverter.
  • These 48V batteries show cell min and max and temp min and max on the Victron Touch Screen.

STARSHIP Digital Switching is used.

  • Digital Switching has dual colour lights on canopy doors and rear light.
  • There are 6 Stedi 10W work lights with 2 each on drivers side, passenger side and rear.
  • The 8 button custom engraved keypad controls all lights. 
  • Double press buttons with dual colour lights: Press once for White, Twice for amber and thrice for amber and white combined.
  • Wireless keypad uses long range bluetooth (40M+) and can operate any of the lights as a two way switch. Perfect for the sleeping area light control.

Furniture is lightweight thermolite from USA.

  • Furniture is super light, About 40kgs all up.
  • Manufactured by Beast Tourers for Safiery, we work together to get power system built inside hand-in-glove.

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