An OPEN network that does not lock you in.

STARSHIP™ is a Hybrid Open Network for RV’s and MARINE.

Hybrid Connectivity: At its core, the STARSHIP is a wireless network that supports wired CAN bus segments. This hybrid model ensures reliable connectivity by leveraging the strengths of each type of connection.

Wireless at it’s Core:  Technologies such as WiFi and 802.15.4 (Long Range Bluetooth) provide flexibility and broad coverage. CAN based wired connections link industry technologies such as NMEA in Marine, RVC in USA, J1939 in automotive into the wireless network. 

Open Network Architecture: STARSHIP uses compliant open standards and protocols from the Connectivity Standards Alliance. This openness facilitates easy integration of new devices, scalability of the network, and user-driven automation.  This Open Standard is supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. There are over 1,800 approved compatible devices making it highly adaptable for a wide range of devices and applications.

Designed for RV and Marine Environments: RVs and boats operate a significant number of devices on DC power using Lithium batteries. They also present unique challenges for connectivity, such as movement and vibration, limited space, and exposure to harsh elements. Users can also utilise digital switching to reduce loads based on information from a connected Victron Energy system.

Many Ways to Use STARship

STARTING with our Easiest Wireless "STAR-light" Package

Easy Programming for DIY

Plain Switch buttons on the outside -
Smart Switches on Inside.

  • The difference to other technologies is the STAR-switches themselves are simple to use, custom engraved on the outside.
  • But super smart on the inside.

Smarts Inside:

  • Double press a switch to change to an alternative LED colour.
  • You can have two way, three way or even 4 way switching.
  • Wireless switches use the new Bluetooth compatible standard of 100m range. 
  • Rubberised engraved 8 button keypad is waterproof and can be outside.
  • Light sensors are built into some of the switches. 
  • Every button on any switch/keypad can be custom engraved.

Smart Touch Display Excellent for Vehicle Console.

Display shows

  • Battery status for a CAN BMS battery.
  • Scotty AI power.
  • Alternator temperature.
  • Light or Device On/off.
  • Light Dimming.
  • Colour RGBW Light colour control.
  • STAR-tank tank level

Smart Switches on Inside.

  • Up to 6 buttons can be assigned to one device/light
  • Can have overall Master
  • Or a Sub Master 
  • Or a Mode
  • Can be a mixture of wireless buttons, CAN keypad buttons and Touch Display

Can be loose of fixed in position
Battery operated up to 3 years life

Smart Switches on Inside.

  • Wireless Switch has 40m Range

  • Simple installation for Wireless
  • Same functionality as other switches
  • Can be in vehicle console operating rear work lights on caravan.
  • Double press for Dual Colour Lights

Smart Switches on Inside.

  • Reduces the number of buttons needed when using dual colour lights.
  • This reduces console complexity.
  • Double press a switch to change to an alternative LED colour, typically amber.
  • Double press again and both colours are combined: white and amber gives a golden glow.
  • When using RGBW lights, two completely different colours can be selected for the double press.

Smart Switches on Inside.

  • Video Shows Dual Colour for RGBW LEDs

Safiery STAR-touch 5in or 10in Display:

  • We thought about using touch screens just for switching, but Smart Switches are the future. Instead, the 5in or 10in inch STAR-Touch display is used for a wider range of options: Multi-media, Sonos sound, daily weather, energy flows with Victron app.
  •  We add our compact modem which is also WiFi router so you can operate without the internet from the touch screen. The Touch Screen is Wireless and can be placed anywhere with 12V power supply. 

One App Does it ALL

  • Starship is designed to work seamlessly with Apple, Android,Amazon or Samsung. It can do this with or without the internet. A small hub needs to be added.
  • You can then switch devices and see their status from anywhere with internet or locally with no internet.
  • You can build your own automations on the smartphone.
  • Modes or button assignment are done easily with the smartphone app.  You can even turn on the rear van work lights from the vehicle console wirelessly.
  •  “Night Mode” all the lights can be off with the option of a well dimmed floor light in the ensuite if desired. “Travel Mode” all the lights off, water pumps off, hot water off, fridges running. Switch the aircon on so the van is chilled when you arrive after travelling. 

Link Directly with CARPLAY or Android Auto

  • Our Starship services analyse your energy usage every day and night and alerts you to energy limitations. Just set the number of days camping before you depart and STARship does the rest.
  •  Enjoy glamping and push the boundaries of the universe. Let us do the analysing for you. Its all done “in the stars” rather than the “cloud”.
  • Our Smartphone App is compatible with CARPLAY or ANDROID Auto to bring all the switching into the vehicle console wirelessly. Switch devices on and off from the vehicle or just check everything is off.
  • Switch any device on/off from your smartphone either at the RV with no internet or if there is internet from anywhere on line. See your fridge temperature, turn devices on/off from anywhere. With selected cameras, see the camera view from anywhere with internet or Starlink.

Use WiFi Linked Music on Same App

  •  Enjoy glamping with Music streaming. We recommend SONOS and the Spotify App. 
  • Forget about tuners and Fusion sound device. Stream directly from internet.  
  • The image shows the IKEA Sonos package at a price less than halk the lowest cost of  Sonos devices on line.

Switch 240V Devices

  •  No relay or complex installation is required, simply plug in the 240V 10A wireless controller into the GPO.
  • These devices can be included in the Modes control.
  • In Travel Mode: Switch off all 240V devices. Switch off Inverter Charger.
  • In Night Mode: switch off STARlink (it uses 75-85W per hour)

Two Types of Controllers

  •  Each one billet machines aluminium for heat dispersion.
  • NMEA interface on STAR-power.
  • STAR-power only 120x85 x 30mm
  • STAR-light 65x65x25mm

NMEA Cabling Kits For STARship

  •  Plug-n-play NMEA 5 pin connectors make it easy for DIY.
  • No need to understand CAN , just plug-n-play.
  • Backbone Included in EVERY Kit on-line
  • Special NMEA Cables to all STARship and Meteor products.

Fuseless Circuits.

  •  Easy to say, hard to do. As an added safety to the digital circuit control in software, most put an overall fuse on the power supply and recommend cable sizes greater than the fuse protection. (Garmin, CZone)
  • The problem is if the DIY uses a 1mm2 wire for a LED circuit and it short circuits, the wire can melt and catch fire.
  • We took a different route to current limits because there are in-rush currents, operating currents and short circuit currents.
  • Our design slices time to reduce the total amount of watts of energy. Target is less than 5W of energy.
  • When a short circuit occurs, power cuts in 80 millionths/second.
  • it is an incredible feat: 80/millionths using reliable German chips.

Simplicity is Complexity Resolved.

To achieve simplicity for users,  Apple, Google, Samsung and  Amazon decided to adopt a common standard. Yah-Hoo I hear you say. The result is easy for the user, but incredibly complex for the manufacturer.

Devices compliant with the standard will interact seamlessly regardless of brand.

  • Forget hubs and bridges,
  • Every Matter approved device goes through stringent 3rd party lab testing for approval. Once approved a unique QR code is published for each individual device which is pre-registered with the standards organization.
  • It is impossible to have poor quality copy cats.
  • Think of the devices you’re installing speaking different languages, but Matter bridges the gap, enabling communication and automation regardless of manufacturer.
  • This interoperability means consumers can mix and match devices, creating a truly customised network with devices that work in harmony with each other.
  • Matter works without the internet over local WiFi. Yet when the internet is available, it seamlessly connects. This makes it perfect for mobile applications.
  • There are over 1800 devices now, mainly appliances, that operate with Matter. This means just ONE app will operate thousands of devices and lights from your smartphone. You can arrange custom automation on your smartphone.
Safiery's STARship products are Over The Air Updatable with firmware.

At Safiery, we had to incorporate multiple protocols into STARship.

  • WiFi 6
  • 802.15.4 Wireless
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Thread
  • NMEA
  • CAN J1939


STARship Innovation: Australian Technology with Global Compliance Certification.


Switching and Dimming Lights on/off


Wireless Control from 4 button switch

Up to 40M away.
Eg: from vehicle to RV

Double Press Switch Button to change light to alternate colour

Saves switch real estate:
White/Amber or Blue

Up to 6 switch buttons anywhere, any type can control one device/ LED/Dim


Can have both positively switched and dimmed LED’s as well as negatively switched and dimmed.

Negatively switched and dimmed most popular

Master and sub-master control can be changed easily by the user

Most others need re-programming by a support tech.

Changing RGBW Colour on LED


Preset up to 2 switch channels to any colour.

Press once: Colour 1, Press twice: Colour 2

Switching Devices on/off


Up to 6 switch buttons anywhere, any type can control one device/ LED/Dim


Master and sub-master control can be changed easily by the user

Most others need re-programming by a support tech.

Fuseless: On Star-power energy is cut off after 80/millionths of a second.

There is NO requirement for fuses nor minimum wire size to any device.



Can operate without Internet on Matter

No Internet required after initial setup.

If system on internet, and smartphone on internet then can see entre status plus can remotely turn devices on/off and dim lights from anywhere.

Can see fridge temperature

If system on internet, and smartphone on internet and Matter compliant cameras installed, can see cameras from anywhere.

Nice security feature

Control 240V devices with Matter compliant plug switches. Integrate automation with DC devices.

Several brands at very affordable prices

Other features same as display and automation below




Can have any number and they are wirelessly connected

Plan to have multiple sizes down to 4 inch with user selected functions up to 5 touch areas. Eg: toilet, outside light, bed light by the bed.

Integrated Multi-media using Spotify or Sonos

Integrates in one Safiery Starship App

Control 240V devices with Matter compliant device

Several brands at very affordable prices

Cameras – up to 4 are visible Matter compliant required




Can use generative AI in Google home automation to make these automation routines by user: Sample prompts:

  • "When I wake up in the morning, start the coffee maker, and play my favourite playlist." 
  • "Turn RV lights on at 1 hour before sunset at a low dim level and slowly increase level until sunset.  Lock the doors and turn off the lights when I go to bed."
  • "Use lights and TVs to make my RV look occupied when I leave the RV."
  • "When I select cooking mode, turn on induction hob and start air fan, kitchen lights and suggest an automation to keep the air fresh when I'm cooking in RV."
  • "Run the toilet fan for just a few minutes after use."
  • “When I select travel model, turn off inverter and all devices except fridge”
  • “When I enter RV, if night time, turn on lights at level 50% and slowly raise level over 3 mins. Turn on inverter, water pump. If temperature greater than 24C turn on airconditioner”
  • “When I go to bed, night mode has been selected, turn off all lights except light in toilet: set it at 10% level, turn off inverter and water pump.”

Using Apple Watch


Turn on any device, start any mode from watch.

Including cameras…

Integrating Victron Devices


Read, control on/off/AC current limit any Victron power device from display/smartphone.

No internet needed.

Integrating Selected Bluetooth Devices like Ruuvi temperature sensors

Read selected BLE device from display/smartphone.

No internet needed.

Integrating Other CAN based Devices like TPMS, Inclinometer

Read selected CAN devices from display/smartphone.

No internet needed.


Integrating with NMEA and MFD devices

Control NMEA specified objects from MFD as well as all of above.

Version 2 late in 2024. No internet needed.