Induction Hob built in for RV Marine FAQ

What the differences in the Double Induction 2000W and 3000W models?

·      Both these models are the same function. However, there is software that limits the overall power and a different sized plug to comply with Australian Standards.

·      The 2000W model has a 10A plug and is limited to 2000W output.

·      The 3000W model has a 15A plug and is limited to 3000W output.

·      Both models have an 1800W hob in read and 1500W hob in front. When both are turned on

o   The 2000W model locks both hobs to 1,000W each

o   The 3000W model locks both to 1400W each


Appearance of 15A and 10A Plug

What is best power level to operate the double hob or the single hob?

·      For boiling water set the power level to the maximum and pick the biggest hob. In this case the single operates a little higher than the double at 2000W

·      After boiling, turn the hob down. Otherwise the induction energy cant be absorbed and the unit will start to heat up the black crystal top and the electronics inside. An error code of “IGBT controller temperature” may appear after a while. Just let it cool down a little and continue.

·      We find the best level to cook at is around 1000-1200W and a high boost at the end to keep the food as hot as possible.

·      At very low levels, the hobs pulse power.


What is best way to install either induction?

·      Just run a bead of kitchen silicon around the underside of the hob if it is going into a cut out.

·      The manual may show install brackets. This doesn’t apply.

·      Its important that no liquid that may boil over from the pot goes into the electronics.

·      An air gap is needed underneath for the fan. Do not block this.


What is the lowest temperature the units will operate at?

·      About 10C. Below this they will not start. The reason is the Crystal Black Top has this minim temp rating for safety. If below this temp and a hot pot was in contact with edge, it may crack.


Will the Double Induction work with any inverter of the nominated size?

·      Maybe not. We have personal experience with the Redarc 3000W inverter failing with the 3000W induction.

·      Likewise a major OEM no longer uses the Enerdrive 2000W inverter as it fails with the 2000W hob.


·      The Victron inverters work flawlessly with their matching size.

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