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Caravan Lithium Battery with Solar and Big DC DC
    • Run the air-con all night; even all day. Use the electric kitchen, even in a fire ban. Enjoy instant hot water.
    • Energy consumed needs to be replenished every day.
    • We do an Energy Analysis for you of what to expect based on what you want to operate.

aravan lithium

  • A choice of premium glass panels or lightweight, high performance Copperflex producing more than their name plate.
  • Use Dc DC for Solar to combine different panel sizes and technologies without affecting anti-shading.
  • Our solar designs will run aircon during day and charge batteries at same time.
Pic Shows: 6 x 370W Copperflex Solar = 2,220W at 22kgs weight
  • Safiery created a high powered DC DC as there was none  in the market. We call it Scotty AI. It adds up to 1500W or 3000W per hour. Thats up to 250A from the alternator.
  • One hour charging is 3 hours of air-con.
Pic Shows: 6 Meteor Batteries 15,000 Wh being charged from Scotty AI 3000W from 250A Alternator.
  • Experience the ultimate convenience with our Plug-n-Play battery system, designed for ease of operation. Adhering to the stringent AS/NZ 3001.2.2022 standards, this battery system is perfect for caravan tunnel boots or external hatches.
  • For retrofit inside a caravan, our sodium battery complies with the standards to be placed under a seat or bed with full compliance.
  • Meteor batteries integrate seamlessly with Scotty AI Meteor. This accepts 12V alternator input via an anderson plug to the vehicle's 12V system charging up to 125A from vehicle alternator. Don't be concerned if your alternator is not that big, Scotty AI will auto tune to suit.
  • 2500Wh per battery (200Ah at 12V), these batteries are CANbus enabled - no Shunt needed with Victron system. 

Some of our Caravan Videos from Collection of over 700

  • More importantly, there is a CAN BMS (Battery Management System)  in each 48V battery.  CAN BMS dictates to all the charge devices on a Victron system the exact charge and discharge current and voltage limits based on battery temperature and State of Charge.
  • This protects you from rogue settings and events. It makes the system far safer, gives a longer battery life and gets the safest maximum for your battery investment. 
  • 48V Solar charging gives the highest yield by 20-30%.
  • 48V is a much lower installed cost for large systems.
  • Induction cooking is 94% efficient. Compare to LPG at 40%.
  • No need to clean the bottom of pot
  • Now with precise control and smooth power dimming from as low as 400W. 
  • 1800W front Element and 1500W Rear Element
  • Does not overload Inverter: Select Size 2000W or 3000W
  • Updated Software April 2024 gives smooth control of power - NO PULSING at low levels.
  • Combined with small 8L 48V tank in kitchen, using instant hot water for showering reduces energy and minimizes tank space.
  • There is no large 240V tank hot water burning energy around the clock.
  • The small 8L unit in kitchen can be controlled with inverter turned off. Instant Electric needs 5000W 48V Inverter.

STAR-ride Auto Suspension Ride Height and TPMS

  • Our STAR-ride auto ride height does more than just set 3 levels of ride height.
  • It also sets auto-levelling based on an inclinometer.
  • It can use suspension arm height transponders or airbag pressure to set travel height levels.
  • Set any of these control levels from a  tablet in the vehicle on a suction cup mount.
  • Simultaneously read Tyre pressure and temperature with the TPMS system. Up to 10 tyres can be read from the vehicle.
  1. Just want to press switches. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it simple, but give me some modes...and to turn the 240V devices on/off.
  3. Add a 10in touch display. 
  4. Combine streaming media into Touch Display - with Sonos.
  5. Turn on the caravan rear work lights from the vehicle when reversing at night.
  6. See the caravan status of energy, water,  lights, temperature in fridge from my smartphone anywhere... and put a geofence around it to reduce my insurance premiums.
  • The difference to other technologies is the STAR-switches themselves are simple to use, custom engraved on the outside. But super smart on the inside.
  • Your smartphone assigns buttons and functions to the lights or devices being switched.

Smarts Inside:

  • Double press a switch to change to an alternative LED colour. Double press again and both colours are combined: white and amber gives a golden glow.
  • Get two way or even 3 way switching.
  • Wireless switches can be battery operated and have 100m range.
  • Rubberised engraved 8 button keypad is waterproof.
  • Every button on any switch/keypad can be custom engraved.
  • Starship is designed to work seamlessly with Apple, Android,Amazon or Samsung. It can do this with or without the internet. A small hub needs to be added.
  • You can then switch devices and see their status from anywhere with internet or locally with no internet.
  • You can build your own automations on the smartphone.
  • Modes or button assignment are done easily with the smartphone app.  You can even turn on the rear van work lights from the vehicle console wirelessly.
  •  “Night Mode” all the lights can be off with the option of a well dimmed floor light in the ensuite if desired. “Travel Mode” all the lights off, water pumps off, hot water off, fridges running. Switch the aircon on so the van is chilled when you arrive after travelling. 

STAR Services with or without Internet

  • Our Starship services analyse your energy usage every day and night and alerts you to energy limitations. Just set the number of days camping before you depart and STARship does the rest.
  •  Enjoy glamping and push the boundaries of the universe. Let us do the analysing for you. Its all done “in the stars” rather than the “cloud”.
  • Our Smartphone App is compatible with CARPLAY or ANDROID Auto to bring all the switching into the vehicle console wirelessly. Switch devices on and off from the vehicle or just check everything is off.
  • Switch any device on/off from your smartphone either at the RV with no internet or if there is internet from anywhere on line. See your fridge temperature, turn devices on/off from anywhere. With selected cameras, see the camera view from anywhere with internet or Starlink.
  • We thought about using touch screens just for switching, but Smart Switches are the future. Instead, the 5in or 10in inch STAR-Touch display is used for a wider range of options: Multi-media, Sonos sound, daily weather, energy flows with Victron app.
  •  We add our compact modem which is also WiFi router so you can operate without the internet from the touch screen. The Touch Screen is Wireless and can be placed anywhere with 12V power supply. 



Can use generative AI in Google home automation to make these automation routines by user: Sample prompts:

  • "When I wake up in the morning, start the coffee maker, and play my favourite playlist."
  • "Turn RV lights on at 1 hour before sunset at a low dim level and slowly increase level until sunset.  Lock the doors and turn off the lights when I go to bed."
  • "Use lights and TVs to make my RV look occupied when I leave the RV."
  • "When I select cooking mode, turn on induction hob and start air fan, kitchen lights and suggest an automation to keep the air fresh when I'm cooking in RV."
  • "Run the toilet fan for just a few minutes after use."
  • “When I select travel model, turn off inverter and all devices except fridge”
  • “When I enter RV, if night time, turn on lights at level 50% and slowly raise level over 3 mins. Turn on inverter, water pump. If temperature greater than 24C turn on airconditioner”
  • “When I go to bed, night mode has been selected, turn off all lights except light in toilet: set it at 10% level, turn off inverter and water pump.”

Using Apple Watch

Turn on any device, start any mode from watch.Including cameras…

Integrating Victron Devices

Read, control on/off/AC current limit any Victron power device from display/smartphone.No internet needed.

Integrating Selected Bluetooth Devices like Ruuvi temperature sensors

Read selected BLE device from display/smartphone.No internet needed.

Integrating Other CAN based Devices like TPMS, Inclinometer

Read selected CAN devices from display/smartphone.No internet needed.

Victron Inverter Chargers at the next Level of Safety

  • Victron Inverter chargers have built-in double safety protection. Under the new electrical standards, you do not need double pole switches with these units, thats how good the in-built protection is.
  • They include the new transformer-less models (like Scotty AI) which weigh only 12kgs for a 6000VA unit.
  • These units can recover a flat battery as well as operate in storage mode protecting your lithium investment.


  • Safiery can include a modem with every system and monitor the Lithium Batteries, Solar and inverter performance on line.
  •  This lets you monitor your system from a smartphone where ever there is the internet.
  • Alternatively Safiery integrate into Starlink for an always on experience. In this case the STAR-power products are also visible and controllable on line.
  • The GOLD SUPPORT assists new comers to get used to their system. It is very helpful should you experience difficulty with non-compliant power at farm stays.

Caravan and Camping Industry: Best New technology 48V
International Marine Equipment Trade Show: Design and Manufacturing Excellence Award
Landforces Best new technology Presented

  • Safiery has utilized AI technology since 2022.
    The patented Scotty AI auto-tunes and protects a vehicles alternator. Set power rate at idle from "Soft" , "Medium" or "Hard".
  • STAR-power AI protects wiring without the need for fuses. The AI turns off the power to devices within 80 millionths of a second. Even the smallest of wires installed are protected. Then when a device surges in power when turned on, STAR-power AI accepts a ramp up current without turning off.
  • Australian developed technology exported to the world.

Easy to Buy

Having done hundreds of systems, we know the secrets to trustworthy performance. Safiery supply whole system designs with completed products:

  • Consistent templates for design
  • ONE unified suite of products that communicate together
  • Standardized wiring package with quality fuse/ connectors
  • Stored image of "as built" system
  • Stored Termination list of fusing/ termination
  • Online, visible field results on virtually all of the products used.
  • Ease of operation and clean knowledge of system limits by user.

Engineering the Future, so you can enjoy the present.

We just love what we do. Researching and building products that we regard as "World Class". The fun part of what we do is to pick "really hard problems" and solve them. Here are some eamples:

  • DC DC Power Conversion at 250A 12V in a size saller than a Kleenix box and weighing 2.3kgs. 
  • Lithium batteries of the highest quality with CAN BMS displaying min max cell voltages less than 3 thousandths of a volt.
  • Tank level monitoring to 1mm using phased co-herent radar technology as used in EV's.
  • Digital switching that uses long range Bluetooth of 100m range.
  • Digital switching that puts the smarts into the buttons. One press, two presses, three presses for different LED colours.
  • Digital switching that uses native Apple, Google, Amazon or Samsung compliant technology for smartphones and no internet!
  • Lithium batteries 400 x 180x285 that produce 8000W of power (at 48V).