Tank Sensor Manual

FAQ- Most common Problems with Tank Sensor Installations:

  1. Sensors are not reporting any value? Where do I start to analyse the problem?

The Tank Level sensor and Ultrasonic Sensors are voltage based. They require power to the sensor. The Pressure level models and the Ultrsonic units are 10-30V. This means they require the positive voltage and the negative wire connected to the battery negative.

The output signal is also voltage. There is an output voltage wire and it wires into the Victron Cerbo or Simarine as a voltage + input BUT it requires the negative wire to be connected as well. For Simarie, this is the GND on their modules and wire has to go from GND to the battery negative. On the Cerbo, it is internally connected for the 24V Channels 3 and 4 but requires power and ground for 12V channels 1 and 2.

The most common problem is the ground is not connected to battery negative. When this occurs we may see a very high voltage on the sensor output.

2) Sensors are reporting but Victron Cerbo is saying "offline" or "error"

If the voltage reading is outside the range you have set for Victron on the Cerbo, you will get an error. To solve this change the range so the reported value is WITHIN the range.

For example, the reading os voltage on the sensor at the Cerbo display may be 4.1V. But you have configured 100% Full as 4.0V. Then you will get an error. You need to set full at 4.1 or 4.2V to be safe.