Safiery CANbus Pinouts including Scotty AI
There are FOUR separate data buses:
1. NMEA 2000 between the VIEO display and Connect 50 (s)
2. CAN J1939 between Victron Cerbo, Victron VE.CAN devices, Scotty AI and other compliant devices
3. TCPIP (Ethernet) connecting Cerbo, SOLO, Modem Router, IP Cameras and Vieo Display
4. RS 485 Connecting Compliant Devices to Connect 50 and maybe SOLO (Check)
Safiery Integrated Display SCADA Connected Devices
  • Set IP Network First.
    SOLO has fixed statics IP
    Modem Router has WiFi DHCP and must not connect with GARMIN Tablet which has to always wirelessly connect to the Vieo dock.
    Scotty needs to be Dual CANport AI model.
    Check CAN networks with all power off for resistance between CAN hi and CAN lo. Target is 60 Omhs which is derived from two 120 Ohm End of Line Resistors.RS485 Network also needs resistance between Data A and B.
Network Topology of Safiery Installed Systems for Safiery Integrated Display
Safiery Touch Encoder Pin out
NMEA 2000 Pin Connections
Scotty AI 3000 Dual CAN port CAN connections