News of Research with Latest Products lets You enjoy the Future

Engineering the Future, so you can enjoy the present.

We just love what we do. Researching and building products that we regard as "World Class". The fun part of what we do is to pick "really hard problems" and solve them. Here are some eamples:

  • DC DC Power Conversion at 250A 12V in a size saller than a Kleenix box and weighing 2.3kgs. 
  • Lithium batteries of the highest quality with CAN BMS displaying min max cell voltages less than 3 thousandths of a volt.
  • Tank level monitoring to 1mm using phased co-herent radar technology as used in EV's.
  • Digital switching that uses long range Bluetooth of 100m range.
  • Digital switching that puts the smarts into the buttons. One press, two presses, three presses for different LED colours.
  • Digital switching that uses native Apple, Google, Amazon or Samsung compliant technology for smartphones and no internet!
  • Lithium batteries 400 x 180x285 that produce 8000W of power (at 48V).