Five Reasons that put Meteor in a class of it's own...

User-Friendly Plug-n-Play

  • The battery features a plug-n-play design with no visible terminals.
  • IP67 US Military Grade Connector with Silver coated pins for anti-corrosion.
  • Simply strap down for easy installation and maintenance, enhancing safety.
  • Megafuses are built into the positive push-on plug.
  • CAN communication to Victron is a single NMEA cable which pushes on and locks in.

When Foot Print Space is a Premium

  • Dual batteries can be placed vertically.
  • Base frame made from plug-n-play tubing supports negative end of battery train.
  • Top of train has positive plug and remote on/off switch.
  • Simply strap against wall.
  • This board is 800mm wide and 300mm deep and 980mm high

DC DC Charges & Discharges up to 125A

  • Scotty AI is a Plug-n-play DC DC designed for Meteor Batteries with no visible terminals.
  • Charges up to 125A from engine alternator. Scotty's AI patented feature auto-tunes to any alternator at the press of a button on the smart phone app.
  • Scotty AI is bi-directional. So when engine is off, the power reverse to the 12v side instantly.
  • Scotty AI has an inbuilt Smart battery Protect that protects the high side battery.
  • CAN communication to the battery is built-in and does not require any configuration. 

Waterproof Design

  • Meteor Battery sets a new standard in durability with its waterproof construction, ensuring reliability in various environments, crucial for Marine and RV users with outdoor applications.
  • In the photo, the Meteor Batteries are positioned on the back of an LC79 tray in all weather.
  • In marine applications, position inside an open boat.

36V Trolling Motor + Meteor Powers Pontoon Boat

  • St George locals enjoying evening cuise on the Balonne river.
  • Craig Saunders wanted a plug-n-play 36V solution that he could install with little electrical knowledge.
  • 2 x 36V Meteor Batteries are installed replenished by solar power.  
  • In fishing applications, the plug-n-play Scotty Meteor DC DC will charge the 36V battery from outboard motors of any size and type. Scotty auto-tunes to the outboard motor alternator.
  • With Scotty Meteor DC DC, 12V power is always available when outboard is turned off.
  • For 240V AC charging, simply plug in a simple 12V portable charger to the starter battery of the boat. Its that simple.

Additional Detail Display on Batteries

  • No of Battery Modules "on line"
  • Cell Voltage difference - valuable info when recovering flat batteries.
  • Available capacity is dynamic info always on.
  • Can be viewed remotely

Remotely Turn Batteries on/off Easily

  • Convenient Power Management

  • A single-button system allows users to easily turn the battery array on or off.

  • Batteries can be installed out of sight in concealed areas

  • No of batteries on line including battery module when more than one, is visible on Victron Screen.

  • One short press to start battery train, one long press and hold to turn off.

  • Built-in interlock prevents turnening off under load which could damage BMS. 

Energy Saving in Storage Mode

  • Energy-Efficient Storage

  • Meteor Battery's design includes a storage mode without always-on LEDs, significantly reducing power consumption by 1/5th and prolonging battery life.

  • Only one LED flashes intermittently when in storage mode.
  • Once under load or being charged all LEDs will come on to show SOC of each battery.

Massive Power matched to 48V Winch

  • This battery has a 150A Continuous power BMS at 54V. Thats around 8,000W of power. It is a different model to the normal Meteor 48V Lithium battery.
  • Plug Scotty AI Meteor and it will replenish this battery in just over an hour of driving. See Pic below.
  • Energy capacity is around 2,000W. So it's also good to operate a fridge and lights if you are driving nearly every day which allows Scotty AI to replenish the battery quickly.
  • For Winch Power, if the vehicle alternator is at least 150A then the available power is the battery at 8,000W PLUS Scotty Ai at 1500W for an amazing 9,500W at the winch.
  • 48V Winch is supplied by Carbon off road. Due for release at Sydney 4WD Show in June 2024.

Connect Battery Monitor in Cab or at Helm

  • Touch Display shows battery voltage and state of charge sraight from Meteor Battery. NO SHUNT NEEDED
  • Same display shows Scotty AI power , 12V battery voltage
  • Same display will also control on/off, dim and change colour on STAR-light
  • Same display will change charge dynamic from Scotty AI: Soft, Medium or Hard at idle.