People with Passion

People With Passion – “How Good’s That!”

Meet 18 people here with passion about travelling and boating.

Some are highly experienced and you can discover that by listening to their plans. Most videos are 1-2 mins long.

Customers that share their knowledge and are only too happy to assist. This is one of the reasons we love this business. Enjoy!

Marty and Mimi's Mobile Beach Home All Wheel Drive

Will & Rochelle's Privilege 51.5 latest tech for safety & comfort.

Seasoned Farmer travelling with Bruder

Troopy driven by young Lady around Australia

Experienced Traveller and his Wife

Melbourne Barista with First EV Espresso in Oz

Newly retired and setting out for Big Lap

LC79 with First SCOTTY AI

No Genset 44Ft Cat

No Genset 44Ft Cat

No Genset 44Ft Bavaria

No Genset 35ft Hooker

No Genset 26ft Fishing Cat

Silent Nights 55Ft Cat

Gold Prospector goes Everywhere

Experienced Traveller "Needing Time Away"

Runs Aircon All Day in towed Work Trailer

NT Barra Ex-fishing Guide 

Renovated Bus gets big power

3 Year Old Scotty has not missed a beat