METSTRADE 2024 Innovation Products Stand 7-624

Safiery specializes in providing advanced energy, power conversion, and digital switching solutions for 4WDs, RVs, Marine and Micro-grid applications.

We build products that we regard as "World Class". Here are some examples.
These will all be on display at Metstrade 2024:

  • DC DC Power Conversion at 250A 12V in a size saller than a Kleenix box and weighing 2.3kgs. 
  • Lithium batteries of the highest quality with CAN BMS displaying min max cell voltages less than 3 thousandths of a volt.
  • Tank level monitoring to 1mm using phased co-herent radar technology as used in EV's.
  • Digital switching that uses 100m long range Bluetooth, yet has battery life of 2-20 years.
  • Digital Switches with a battery life up to 10 years.
  • Digital switching that puts the smarts into the buttons. One press, two presses, three presses for different LED colours.
  • Digital switching that uses native Apple, Google, Amazon or Samsung compliant technology for smartphones and no internet!
  • Lithium batteries 400 x 180 x 285 that produce 8000W of power (at 48V).
  • Induction cooktops with advanced software to give absolutely smooth power between 300W and 2000W. No Pulsing. What you see in $5000 cooktops for a fraction of the price.
DC DC extracting Power from 12V or 24V alternators at 1500W or 3000W

Experience the power of AI with DC DC for intelligent, efficient, and user-friendly power conversion.

Scotty AI is a bi-directional DC DC power converter with an AI driven controller that:

  • Automatically extracts power from an alternator.
  • Auto-tunes to match the specific alternator attached.
  • When engine is off, reverses power direction.
  • Does not require engine RPM to optimize its output.

12V to 24V, 36V, 48V and 63V DC DC in 1500W and 3000W Bi-directional.

24V to 48V 3000W Bi-directional.

DAME Award nomination for 2023

Owners Requirements:

  • Ability to start gyro without shore power as boat goes into water at a boat ramp.
  • Owner stays out on reef overnight with gyro and air-conditioner running, wanting a cool “silent night”.
  • Owner wants to run high performance sound system “Wet Sounds” which draws 120A at 12V while cruising and 30A while at anchor without stopping gyro.
  • Owner wants to use induction cooktop (No propane for safety) in evening and espresso coffee machine at breakfast.
  • Double Drawer fridge/freezer running 24/7 for fish catch.

An OPEN network that does not lock you in.

STARSHIP™ is a Hybrid Open Network for RV’s and MARINE.

Hybrid Connectivity: At its core, the STARSHIP is a wireless network that supports wired CAN bus segments. This hybrid model ensures reliable connectivity by leveraging the strengths of each type of connection.

Wireless at it’s Core:  Technologies such as WiFi and 802.15.4 (Long Range Bluetooth) provide flexibility and broad coverage. CAN based wired connections link industry technologies such as NMEA in Marine, RVC in USA, J1939 in automotive into the wireless network. 

Open Network Architecture: STARSHIP uses compliant open standards and protocols from the Connectivity Standards Alliance. This openness facilitates easy integration of new devices, scalability of the network, and user-driven automation.  This Open Standard is supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. There are over 1,800 approved compatible devices making it highly adaptable for a wide range of devices and applications.

Designed for RV and Marine Environments: RVs and boats operate a significant number of devices on DC power using Lithium batteries. They also present unique challenges for connectivity, such as movement and vibration, limited space, and exposure to harsh elements. Users can also utilise digital switching to reduce loads based on information from a connected Victron Energy system.

Pic Shows: Safiery STAR-Tank Radar Sensor with Long Range Bluetooth Battery Operated

STAR-tank is a radar based tank level sensor that mounts at the top of the tank.

  • Operates directly through non-metalic tanks
  • In metal tanks a hole is cut and an SAE 5 holt bolt pattern used (industry standard)
  • Accurate to 1mm
  • Operates in Black and Grey Water. It is not affected by foam or gasses
  • This model is battery operated with a taget 3 year life.
  • Unit has "Long Range Bluetooth" that we have tested to 10m line of sight and 40m through metal layers in a typical van build.
Pic Shows: Traditional Victron GX Graphics User Interface
Pic Shows: NEW Victron GX Graphics User Interface

Non invasive tank level sensors have been limited to Ultrasonic up til now. Ultrasonic sensors operate at around 100kHz. If under the tank have the signal may be blocked by solids or material in the water. If above the tank, they are susceptible to foam and general interference from reflection. They are just not suitable for Black Water or Grey Water. 

Phased Coherent radar operates at 60gHz and penetrates foam with great accuracy. Up until now, Radar has been an expensive choice and used in very high value applications. But the introduction of Phased Coherent Radar to EV's opened the door for inexpensive tank sensor applications.

In pulsed coherent radar, a series of short-duration radio frequency pulses are transmitted towards the water line from above. These pulses are reflected back and received by the radar system's antenna. The received signals are then processed and analyzed to determine the depth.

The term "coherent" refers to the radar system's ability to maintain a constant phase relationship between the transmitted and received signals. This coherence allows for more accurate measurements and improved signal processing techniques, such as coherent integration, which enhances the radar's sensitivity and range resolution.

Pulsed coherent radar systems are commonly used in various applications, including military surveillance, air traffic control, weather monitoring, and automotive radar systems. They offer advantages such as high accuracy, long-range capabilities, and the ability to distinguish multiple targets in close proximity.


Video Showing Phased Coherent Radar raw signal
and corresponding tank level
as sensor is moved above water.

This is the most advanced software development we have developed as there are 3 independent IC's. fresh libraries had to be created.


This battery powered sensor:

  • Bluetooth Connection to Victron GX models ONLY
  • Battery Life 3-5 years
  • Battery 2744
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Adv Output ONLY
  • Deadband 30mm
  • Max Depth 2000mm
  • Repeatability 1mm


Safiery declares that this sensor is compliant with the European commission radio equipment directive 2014/53/EU article 3.1 and 3.2.


The base of the Sensor has 2 sets of holes:

  •  SAE 5 bolt hole

For Plastic Tanks:

  • Glue Sensor to top of tank. The SAE bolt holes form the basis for the bonding.

Cable Length:

  • No Cable. It is Battery powered and Bluetooth


  • No Connections

Simple Calibrations:

  • Calibration needed from Display

Plain Switch buttons on the outside -
Smart Switches on Inside.

  • The difference to other technologies is the STAR-switches themselves are simple to use, custom engraved on the outside.
  • But super smart on the inside.

Smarts Inside:

  • Double press a switch to change to an alternative LED colour.
  • You can have two way, three way or even 4 way switching.
  • Wireless switches use the new Bluetooth compatible standard of 100m range. 
  • Rubberised engraved 8 button keypad is waterproof and can be outside.
  • Light sensors are built into some of the switches. 
  • Every button on any switch/keypad can be custom engraved.

Switch 240V Devices

  •  No relay or complex installation is required, simply plug in the 240V 10A wireless controller into the GPO.
  • These devices can be included in the Modes control.
  • In Travel Mode: Switch off all 240V devices. Switch off Inverter Charger.
  • In Night Mode: switch off STARlink (it uses 75-85W per hour)

Fuseless Circuits.

  •  Easy to say, hard to do. As an added safety to the digital circuit control in software, most put an overall fuse on the power supply and recommend cable sizes greater than the fuse protection. (Garmin, CZone)
  • The problem is if the DIY uses a 1mm2 wire for a LED circuit and it short circuits, the wire can melt and catch fire.
  • We took a different route to current limits because there are in-rush currents, operating currents and short circuit currents.
  • Our design slices time to reduce the total amount of watts of energy. Target is less than 5W of energy.
  • When a short circuit occurs, power cuts in 80 millionths/second.
  • it is an incredible feat: 80/millionths using reliable German chips.

Simplicity is Complexity Resolved.

To achieve simplicity for users,  Apple, Google, Samsung and  Amazon decided to adopt a common standard. Yah-Hoo I hear you say. The result is easy for the user, but incredibly complex for the manufacturer.

Devices compliant with the standard will interact seamlessly regardless of brand.

  • Forget hubs and bridges,
  • Every Matter approved device goes through stringent 3rd party lab testing for approval. Once approved a unique QR code is published for each individual device which is pre-registered with the standards organization.
  • It is impossible to have poor quality copy cats.
  • Think of the devices you’re installing speaking different languages, but Matter bridges the gap, enabling communication and automation regardless of manufacturer.
  • This interoperability means consumers can mix and match devices, creating a truly customised network with devices that work in harmony with each other.
  • Matter works without the internet over local WiFi. Yet when the internet is available, it seamlessly connects. This makes it perfect for mobile applications.
  • There are over 1800 devices now, mainly appliances, that operate with Matter. This means just ONE app will operate thousands of devices and lights from your smartphone. You can arrange custom automation on your smartphone.
Safiery's STARship products are Over The Air Updatable with firmware.

At Safiery, we had to incorporate multiple protocols into STARship.

  • WiFi 6
  • 802.15.4 Wireless
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Thread
  • NMEA
  • CAN J1939

User-Friendly Plug-n-Play

  • The battery features a plug-n-play design with no visible terminals.
  • IP67 US Military Grade Connector with Silver coated pins for anti-corrosion.
  • Simply strap down for easy installation and maintenance, enhancing safety.
  • Megafuses are built into the positive push-on plug.
  • CAN communication to Victron is a single NMEA cable which pushes on and locks in.

DC DC Charges & Discharges up to 125A

  • Scotty AI is a Plug-n-play DC DC designed for Meteor Batteries with no visible terminals.
  • Charges up to 125A from engine alternator. Scotty's AI patented feature auto-tunes to any alternator at the press of a button on the smart phone app.
  • Scotty AI is bi-directional. So when engine is off, the power reverse to the 12v side instantly.
  • Scotty AI has an inbuilt Smart battery Protect that protects the high side battery.
  • CAN communication to the battery is built-in and does not require any configuration. 

Waterproof Design

  • Meteor Battery sets a new standard in durability with its waterproof construction, ensuring reliability in various environments, crucial for Marine and RV users with outdoor applications.
  • In the photo, the Meteor Batteries are positioned on the back of an LC79 tray in all weather.
  • In marine applications, position inside an open boat.

36V Trolling Motor + Meteor Powers Pontoon Boat

  • St George locals enjoying evening cuise on the Balonne river.
  • Craig Saunders wanted a plug-n-play 36V solution that he could install with little electrical knowledge.
  • 2 x 36V Meteor Batteries are installed replenished by solar power.  
  • In fishing applications, the plug-n-play Scotty Meteor DC DC will charge the 36V battery from outboard motors of any size and type. Scotty auto-tunes to the outboard motor alternator.
  • With Scotty Meteor DC DC, 12V power is always available when outboard is turned off.
  • For 240V AC charging, simply plug in a simple 12V portable charger to the starter battery of the boat. Its that simple.

Additional Detail Display on Batteries

  • No of Battery Modules "on line"
  • Cell Voltage difference - valuable info when recovering flat batteries.
  • Available capacity is dynamic info always on.
  • Can be viewed remotely

Remotely Turn Batteries on/off Easily

  • Convenient Power Management

  • A single-button system allows users to easily turn the battery array on or off.

  • Batteries can be installed out of sight in concealed areas

  • No of batteries on line including battery module when more than one, is visible on Victron Screen.

  • One short press to start battery train, one long press and hold to turn off.

  • Built-in interlock prevents turnening off under load which could damage BMS. 

Energy Saving in Storage Mode

  • Energy-Efficient Storage

  • Meteor Battery's design includes a storage mode without always-on LEDs, significantly reducing power consumption by 1/5th and prolonging battery life.

  • Only one LED flashes intermittently when in storage mode.
  • Once under load or being charged all LEDs will come on to show SOC of each battery.

Massive Power matched to 48V Winch

  • This battery has a 150A Continuous power BMS at 54V. Thats around 8,000W of power. It is a different model to the normal Meteor 48V Lithium battery.
  • Plug Scotty AI Meteor and it will replenish this battery in just over an hour of driving. See Pic below.
  • Energy capacity is around 2,000W. So it's also good to operate a fridge and lights if you are driving nearly every day which allows Scotty AI to replenish the battery quickly.
  • For Winch Power, if the vehicle alternator is at least 150A then the available power is the battery at 8,000W PLUS Scotty Ai at 1500W for an amazing 9,500W at the winch.
  • 48V Winch is supplied by Carbon off road. Due for release at Sydney 4WD Show in June 2024.

Connect Battery Monitor in Cab or at Helm

  • Touch Display shows battery voltage and state of charge sraight from Meteor Battery. NO SHUNT NEEDED
  • Same display shows Scotty AI power , 12V battery voltage
  • Same display will also control on/off, dim and change colour on STAR-light
  • Same display will change charge dynamic from Scotty AI: Soft, Medium or Hard at idle.