Lithium Battery Powercase Recharges with Scotty AI DC DC

RAM 2500 Safiery Powercase for Starlink and Van aircon

Watch the Video above to meet Bruce a very well-travelled adventurer with a Spinifex 26ft van.

  • There are dual air-conditioners in the van.
  • The din of the genset is just too much.
  • The Spinifex doesn't have enough power.
  • He wants a silent night as he streams video from Starlink in the RAM to the van.
  • The van will be in the shade whilst the truck and Powercase will be in full sun with good Starlink reception.

This Safiery Powercase in this RAM 2500 is fitted with:

This Safiery Powercase will also move to his Boat:

  • A changeover switch is mounted in the outside center of the case.
  • when the Powercase is moved to the Boat, he just switches to position 2 and plugs in the solar panels to the blue anderson plug.
  • Thats it.
  • It replenishes from Solar Power and the Scotty AI DC DC  can use outboard to charge.

The Meteor Lithium Batteries Details are visible on the Victron Cerbo Screen:

  • The Safiery Meteor Lithium Batteries are waterproof.
  • Because they are inside the powercase, the user cant see the LED indications on the batteries.
  • However, the details display on the Victron Cerbo shows the status of the batteries including the number on line.
  • The display shows the cell voltage range and you can see this is incredible. Only 0.003V difference between minimum and maximum accross all the cells.

Day Trips in RAM Recharge Lithium Batteries Using Scotty AI DC DC

Scotty AI DC DC recharges the Lithium batteries in the powercase on day trips.

When you have returned to the van, the lithium batteries are generally fully charged. Plug the van into the powercase for aircon over night.

Charging BOTH the RAM and the Van from 240V is easy.

Simply plug the 240V power lead into the Powercase. 

Plug the caravan power lead into the 15A outlet on the powercase.

The 240 Power feeds into the powercase and out to the caravan. It will slowly charge the RAM but gives priority to the caravan.

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