Dual Voltage Lithium Battery with 12-48V DC DC 12-36V DC DC

Dual Voltage Lithium Battery with 12-48V DC DC
STAR-safety double protection of Lithium battery 12V 24V or 48V

The Front Positive Plug Contains both a 12V Megafuse and a Megafuse for the higher voltage 24V, 36V or 48V


Overview of Dual Voltage Lithium Battery with 12-48V DC DC or 12-36V DC DC

High power systems, whether it be an inverter bigger than 3000W or a trolling motor system benefit from higher voltage lithium batteries. The reason is the current and therefor cable size plus connectors is so much smaller. The current flows internally inside the lithium battery are also less which gives longer battery life.

However, many appliances and LED lights are 12V so having a dual voltage lithium battery is a great solution.

Importance of Dual Voltage Technology

Engine Alternators whether in a vehicle or Marine outboard are typically 12V. An important way of charging lithium batteries is with a DC DC 12-36V or 12-48V.

It is therefore important to have an integrated DC DC that will charge the Dual voltage lithium battery.

High end automotive grade DC DC's are bi-directional This means they charge and discharge from 12V to 36V or 48V.

The result is a functioning Dual Voltage Lithium Battery.

Dual Battery voltage plus 12-36V DC DC

Benefits of Dual Voltage Lithium Battery

1. 12V Charging

When the engine is started, the alternator firstly recharges the starter battery. After that the integrated DC DC starts and extracts power from the alternator.

It is a variable power DC DC that protects the alternator and takes the maximum power without stressing the alternator or engine. It does this with AI.

2. Compatibility with 24V, 36V, or 48V Systems

The Lithium battery can be any voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V Meteor battery which is waterproof.

It has a CAN Battery Management System which is Victron Energy compliant.

3. Compatibility with 48V Sodium Batteries

The battery can also be Sodium. This is safer and can be installed inside RV's under the new regulations. This Meteor battery  is also waterproof.

It has a CAN Battery Management System which is Victron Energy compliant.

4. 12V Discharging Capability

When the engine is turned off, the DC DC reverses direction instantly and provides 12V power.

The user can set the exact voltage level of 12V required.

There is an inbuilt Smart Battery Protect that will stop producing 12V power before the 48V is fully depleted. The user sets this cut of voltage on a smartphone app. 

Dual Voltage Meteor in Fishing Boat with 12-48V DC DC

Applications of Dual Voltage Lithium Battery

1. 4WD and RV Industry

The simplicity of installation and compact size makes this an exceptional combination for the RV industry.

The 48-12V DC DC operates at 96% efficiency. It does not derate with temperature. This efficiency is much higher than the donut transformer types which de-rate with temperature.

2. Marine Applications

Fishing boats demand simplicity. They also have little available space and require waterproof solutions.

This makes the Meteor and Scotty AI Dual Voltage system a magic combination.

Charging for any outboard operates smoothly because of the AI auto-tuning feature.

Adding a Dual Battery Battery Monitor

1. STAR-touch Display is Dual Battery Monitor

This display shows the capacity of the higher voltage battery as State of Charge (SOC%) plus voltage.

It also shows the Starter battery voltage.

2. Alternator Temperature and Power Output

The display also shows the power coming from the alternator and the alternator temperature.

3. Alternator Power at Idle - Solar Backup

There are times when solar production is poor and power backup is urgently needed. The power output from the alternator at idle can be adjust to the "hard" setting.

Special Applications for Super High Power

1. High Power 8000W Lithium Battery

The Starter battery needs to be 12V. The other Dual volatage can be 24V, 36V or 48V.

The Integrated Scotty AI DC DC works with all these voltages.

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