Lithium Battery Cloud Monitoring Protects Customer’s Investment

Cloud Monitoring of Lithium Battery and Victron Energy system on smartphone protects investment

Investment in Lithium batteries and a power system benefits from 24/7 monitoring.

It's easy to accidentally leave a hot water system on.

  • Victron's inverter chargers are programmed to shut down and protect the lithium battery.
  • However, other DC loads may slowly erode battery capacity until they too are shut down. This may leave a fridge or freezer vulnerable. 
  • With Victron's cloud monitoring, One can monitor your system 24/7 and have alarms send you notification.
  • Spoiled Freezer problem is averted.

Lithium batteries and rest of power system devices visible on Smartphone.

Victron devices are individually visible on smartphone.

  • Victron's devices show important data in a one line display on smartphone.

Safiery's Meteor Lithium batteries show detail of cell voltage and temperature.

Wow, just look at this live remote monitoring of Safiery's Meteor batteries 3,000km away.

  • This is a live 12,000 Wh 6 lithium battery train.
  • The difference between Min and Max cell voltage is 0.002V. Yes, TWO thousanths of a volt. This highlights the excellent quality of these batteries. 
  • System shows number of batteries blockin charge or discharge
  • Complies with new 2023 Marine Standard which requires visibility of this information .

Solar History Lithium Battery SOC% is visible up to 12 months.

Here is history graph over previous 2 days showing solar yield, Lithium Battery SOC% and consumption.

  • Highlights solar getting lithium batteries to 100% SOC (and this is June winter month).
  • Data on bottom shows over this period, 18.3kWh of solar was generated and 12.6kwh of energy was used. 

Actual Solar Yield is compared to Actual Solar Irradiance for exact location.

Gives a quick check on solar performance.

  • You can quickly see the solar performance compared to the weather on the day.

Forecast Solar yield for next 24 hours.

There is also forecast consumption:

  • You get a forecast of potential energy issues due to poor solar conditions.

Experts can see Diagnostics on system performance.

Data systems may be affected by large power loads or just the vibration of travel.

  • Safiery logs in and analyses real data to check the health of the system.
  • In the screen shot, nearly a Billion packets of data are shooting around this system error free. Thats Victron Quality!


DC DC Charges & Discharges up to 125A

  • Scotty AI is a Plug-n-play DC DC designed for Meteor Batteries with no visible terminals.
  • Charges up to 125A from engine alternator. Scotty's AI patented feature auto-tunes to any alternator at the press of a button on the smart phone app.
  • Scotty AI is bi-directional. So when engine is off, the power reverse to the 12v side instantly.
  • Scotty AI has an inbuilt Smart battery Protect that protects the high side battery.
  • CAN communication to the battery is built-in and does not require any configuration. 

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