I need Help please


Call 07 2111 3 555 at any time.


If no answer our team are temporarily off line. Call again and leave a message with contact details. 

This is our Remote Support Service for paying customers.


Call 07 210 22 55 3

If out of hours , leave a message. On the next working day we will call to assist.

The 3 most common calls are:

  1. Flattened our batteries - use solar to recover to minimum voltage. Only use 240V AC power after reaching minimum voltage.
  2. AC Inverter/Charger will not charge. Usually because the AC In line has an earth fault on the supply side and Safiery systems will not charge unless there is a properly connected earth AND the Active power in is wired correctly at the power supply. Common on farm stays.
  3. Inverter not working. Usually because it is switched to "Charge Only" and it will not operate as inverter. Simple switch to "on" position.