5 Reasons Why the Safiery 36V Meteor Lithium Battery Plus Scotty AI DC DC is the Best Package

1. Meteor 36V Lithium is waterproof with built in Mega-fuse.

This IP66 Waterproof battery can sit virtually anywhere in the boat. The mega-fuse plugs in with IP67 plug. It is CAN enabled BMS and is compatible with Victron Cerbo. If Cerbo plug into MFD then this battery appears immediately in MFD.

At 60Ah at 36V, up to 5 of these can be plugged together.

The Battery is 180 wide, 285 high and around 400 long.

It weighs 20kgs.

DC DC 12-48V

2. PLUG-N-PLAY to add 12V Charging and 12V Discharging from 36V Meteor Battery

  • Just simply plug in. press the button on the front to turn on. Start Scotty AI to auto-tune.
  • You now have 12V charging from a connected Alternator.
  • You now have 12V available for loads even when engine is off.
  • There is both a 36V Megafuse AND a 12V Megafuse in the Positive IP66 housing.
  • The center section is billet machined Aluminium that acts as a heat sink for Scotty AI inside.
  • Charging  maximum current is 125A on 12V side.
  • Discharging  maximum current is 125A on 12V side.
  • Smart Battery Protect is built in that stops the HS battery discharging below a set voltage.
  • User defined 12V output exact voltage. (eg 12.6V)
  • On/off switch on front.
  • LED indication of operation on the top centre.
  • 5 year Warranty

3. Scotty AI Makes a big difference to available 36V Energy.

Meteor IP67 Plug n Play 48V 12V Lithium Battery System

Plugable Batteries

This is a true plug-n-play battery system with no external terminals visible. It is IP 67 from head to tail. As a result it can be placed virtually anywhere that doesn’t get external impacts.

Up to 5 batteries can be plugged togther with a positive plug connection one end and a negative at the other end.

There is a 36V plus inside along with the negative bus.

Each bus has a rating of 150A continuous, 250A burst surge.

There are up to 2 mega fuses located inside the positive end cap. One fuse for the 36V power, the other is for 12V when the optional Scotty AI M is installed.

Meteor 48V Battery IP66

36v Lithium

36V Lithium

2355Wh about 60Ah Capacity

CAN BMS at 60A

Victron Cerbo Compatible on VE.CAN interface. Battery is fixed at 250baud rate CAN BMS.

Max Continuous Charge Rate is o.5C so about 1200W

Max Continuous Discharge is BMS 60A so about 2400W

DC DC 12-48V


The Meteor Battery 36V has the optional Scotty AI M module plugged into the positive end of the battery set.

It connects directly to the 12V bus and Mega-fuse (if fitted).

The power conversion is bi-directional. If the 12V connection is made to the engine alternator capable of 150A then up to 125A of DC DC charged will automatically charge any of the Meteor batteries.

Scotty AI uses its AI to auto-tune to any alternator. Its has soft, medium and hard selectors for charging at idle.

The 12V connection can also be routed to all of the on-board 12V loads for 24/7 12V power available.

STAR-safety Plug

Meteor Positive Plug

Robust IP67 US Military Grade Plug.

The critical component for a plug n nplay system is the connector. Each of the sockets for this connector are gold plated, spring fitted and rated to 150A continuous. 

The Connector has a rubber gasket seal around the plug with a tight 30mm push fit.

There are 2 RJ45 connections, one for CAN based communication and one for searial communications to batteries placed side by side.

4. Complete Pack can be wired by DIY.

This IP66 Waterproof battery and Scotty Meteor can be easily wired by DIY'er.

Because the Mega-fuses and data connections are built in all that is needed is power cabling to Trolling motor and power cable to Start battery.  Then add a Smart Battery Protect to connect 12V fridge, lights and other 12V loads. Thats it!.

5. Proven Performance with over 500 installs.

These videos are pre-Meteor battery but show Scotty running to charge the Safiery 36V battery system.


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