Installing & Troubleshooting Tank Level Products

Are these sensors easy to install?

·      Yes, very easy. They are ALL voltage based so need a positive and negative (red and black/blue) wiring to power the device. Then there will be one other wire that reports the voltage out value. The negative for this voltage out is the same negative to power the system, so make sure they are in common.


I’ve wired up getting a high voltage value of tank full even though it isn’t, what’s going on?

·      The negatives are not connected correctly. Check that the negative black wire is connected to the battery ground as well as the ground pin on the monitoring module.


I’ve installed the Ultrasonic or LPG and am not getting any reading. What’s going on?

·      Both of these have a solid blue light underneath indicating power is connected. No blue light means no power to the sensor and it will not function.

·      Both of these have a flashing blue light when the ultrasonic function is working. No flashing blue light and they will not function.

·      If blue light is not flashing then either an airgap has opened up between the sensor and bottom of tank or inside the tank has fouled with solids or something. Check the tank.

What are the different types of sensors and recommended applications?

·      LPG sensor: steel tank, no more than 800mm high, sensor on bottom of tank

·      Pressure based sensors: Any tank type with side access close to bottom of tank: fresh water for all, diesel for one model. Grey water and black water will give problems with solids build up. Height 500mm or 1000mm water and 1200mm diesel.

·      Ultrasonic sensor: Any tank type where sensor can be glued directly to tank with no layer in between. Max height 800mm Good for fresh water only. Grey water and black water will give problems with solids build up


What monitoring systems will accept these sensors?

·      They are all voltage based, so any system that accepts 0-5V input will function

·      Simarine in U1,U2 or U3 inputs

·      Victron tank 140 GX both the 12V AND 24V channels


If we need assistance calibrating the sensors, how do we contact someone?

·      The calibration is not done at the sensor level. It is done with the monitoring system.

·      Contact whoever you purchased the monitoring system from for assistance


What is solution for black water tanks?

·      We don’t have one at present. However, later in 2023 we will be releasing a new radar sensor specifically suitable for black water. Fits to top of tank with SAE 5 bolt hole adapter for steel or just glued to other tank types. Follow us on Instagram or Youtube to see release.