Thank you for your interest in SAFIERY products including SIMARINE

We provide to you:

  • Pricing with a purchase discount which is visible on the products list below this page.
    This pricing is not visible by the public.
    It requires you to logon to this store to see and is protected by the security of your logon.
    If you send a link on this site and/or product to a customer of yours they will see the Retail price.
  • Shipping with a tracking code
  • 3 year Manufactuers Warranty on SIMARINE products and 1 Year on non-Simarine products
  • Application advice
  • Sensor advice, supply or sourcing if we dont have available
  • Wiring and Products handbook
  • Other information that will allow you to get the job completed.

We ask you to provide:

  • Orders on line through the store
  • Any notes or requests placed online for tracking
  • Payment through the store.

Wiring and Products handbook

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