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Transform your Catamaran, Boat, 4WD, Camper Trailer or Caravan with these Safiery Copperflex Solar Panels.

Your choice of fixed panels or portable packs. The technology is the same. 

5 Reasons Why Copperflex Solar gives Highest Performance

1. Laser Cut Rear Copper Sheet means NO INTERNAL WIRES

The big problem with flexible solar is there is no glass to hold the cells and internal wires togther. When most flexible solar panels expand and contract with heat, the thin wires connecting the cells together crack and separate.

This problem is solved with Copperflex. An entire coppersheet is lasercut to connect the solar wafers together behind the cells. There is NO INTERNAL wires between te cells. Its solid copper sheet, albeit very thin. 

The result is 5 Year warranty and a solution that can extract the heat out to the underside of the panel. The best solution for high temperature locations is use of corflute between the underside of copperflex and the roof.

Ultra Light Weight

Ultra Flexible

High Efficiency

Perfect for Portable Strength


Victron's power electronics are the most advanced in the world. They are one of the few brands that have ultra-fast MPPT controllers that produces power even if the battery voltage is very low.

Other brands that incorporate solar with DC DC require a battery voltage to operate the solar controller. DON'T get caught out!

With the dynamic Victron bluetooth display on the Smartphone you see both the solar production and your battery voltage for up to 30 days.  

Recovering Flat Battery with Safiery Portable Solar
Lower Cable Losses with Safiery Portable Solar


When camping you want the portable solar in full sun while you may be in the shade. This means a 10m cable is a MUST for Portable Solar.

If the portable solar is operating in the 22-24V range then there is TWICE the power losses compared to Copperflex 175W Portable at 44V.

The other benefit from high solar Panel Voltage is the solar will start producing power earlier and go later. This is because of the higher voltage. The benefit of earlier is the panels are cooler and we offten see solar yield greater than nominal capacity in cool mornings.


LASER CUT SHEET back contact cell and modules with busbar-free design for higher efficiency.

Effective Module Efficiency > 22.1%


You can add eyelets around the flexible solar and stretch out above a bimini.

Over 500 panels installed in marine and RV applications.

Sold in Packages pre-configured and commissioned ready to be installed. 

Safiery can add the small finishing touches to these packs to help you DIY install. Select from the Options below.

Whats Included:

175W High PV Portable Solar 

10m high quality rubberized extension lead with Andersen plugs

10m stainless steel wire

5 Supporting legs to angle to sun

Supporting tie down straps for wind

175W Portable Whats included
175W High PV Portable Solar

Safiery 175W Portable Solar Panel without Smart Solar Controller

AUD590.00 Inc GST

The Safiery 175W Portable Solar Panel is a compact, lightweight, and high-performance energy solution, perfect for RVs, marine use, and catamaran power packs. It operates at a high panel voltage, allowing it to start early and finish late, capturing the sun’s energy an hour earlier than other panels for enhanced performance. Its high efficiency ensures sufficient voltage to charge batteries even under cloud cover. The panel includes self-supporting struts for easy setup and stability in high winds. The package comes with a 10m stainless steel security wire, a 10m extension cable, and a storage bag for the solar controller and cable. While it’s designed to work with high-efficiency solar controllers like Victron, Mastervolt, and Morningstar, the package does not include a Victron Solar Controller. This versatile and reliable energy solution stands out in the Portable Solar for RVs Marine, Power Packs to Suit Catamarans, and Solar categories.

Limited Warranty: 2 Years

350W Portable Solar without Smart Solar Controller

350W Portable Solar without Smart Solar Controller (2 x 175W Portables + Joiner)

AUD1,295.00 Inc GST

The 350W Portable Solar by Safiery is a high-performance solar solution ideal for RVs and marine applications. It operates at 250W at 25 degrees Celsius, ensuring consistent power supply even in warmer climates. With an open-circuit voltage (Voc) of 63.2V, it can produce substantial power even in less-than-ideal sunlight conditions. The product’s short-circuit current (Isc) is 5.1A, and the maximum power voltage (Vmp) is 52.3V, indicating its ability to deliver high current and voltage. The maximum power current (Imp) is 4.79A, making it suitable for powering a wide range of devices. It does not come with a smart solar controller, allowing users to choose one that best suits their needs. This high-powered, efficient, and flexible solar solution is perfect for those seeking a reliable and versatile portable solar solution.

Limited Warranty: 2 Years

Copperflex 370W Solar Panel

Copperflex 370W Solar Panel

AUD649.00 Inc GST

The Copperflex 370W Solar Panel is a high-performance, energy-efficient solar power solution. With a robust 370W capacity, it provides a reliable and consistent energy supply, making it ideal for power-intensive applications such as catamarans, RVs, and marine use. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers exceptional durability, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions for long-term performance. The panel boasts a high conversion rate, maximizing energy production and reducing reliance on traditional power sources. It is easy to install and maintain, with a comprehensive guide included and a low-maintenance design. Limited quantities are currently in stock due to high demand. Suitable for various solar needs, it falls under product categories such as Power Packs to Suit Catamarans, RV Solar, Solar for Marine, and Solar.

Limited Warranty: 5 Years

Copperflex 140W Solar Panel

Copperflex 140W Solar Panel

AUD439.95 Inc GST

The Copperflex 140W Solar Panel is a high-performance, ultra-thin, and durable solar power solution. At just 1.7mm thick, it’s lightweight and easy to install, yet provides a robust 140W power output. Its unique construction features laser-cut copper anode and cathode sheets at the rear, connected to the cells with small wires, ensuring they don’t pull apart and enhancing durability. With a 5-year warranty, it offers reliable performance and peace of mind. Ideal for a variety of applications including Catamarans, RV Solar, and Marine Solar.

Limited Warranty: 5 Years

Copperflex 100W Solar Panel

Copperflex 100W Solar Panel

AUD313.95 Inc GST

The Copperflex 100W Solar Panel is a high-performance energy solution designed specifically for catamarans. Engineered with advanced photovoltaic technology, it ensures optimal energy conversion with a 100W power output, making it ideal for long voyages. Its robust, flexible design is made from weather-resistant materials, allowing it to withstand harsh marine conditions and enabling easy installation on various surfaces. The panel’s high energy efficiency captures more sunlight, converting it into usable energy even in low-light conditions. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to handle and install without compromising on power output. This superior, reliable, and efficient power solution is a standout product in the Power Packs to Suit Catamarans and Solar categories.

Limited Warranty: 5 Years