Isuzu NPS 300 with Camper gets 2 scotty's

Isuzu NPS300 with Canopy gets Two Scotty AI’s and charges at 3400W in this video

This beautiful sandy taupe “Doin Oz” has all the toys. The boat on the roof though has a 12V winch and when starting up the power surges to 104A+ at 12v. A technical note on this type of winch: the fuse size suggested by the winch supplier is 60A. However, this size fuse wont blow at 104A for 2-3 secs. Yet the power required needs to meet the 104A or the winch will not start. There is a 24-48V Scotty connected to the new 200A alternator that achieved 3400W - a record for the 3000W model. The actual limit is 125A on the 24V side and the voltage is actually 27.5V so that’s how we exceed the nominal 3000W. This Scotty was auto-tuned by the team, no involvement in that by Bruce. No laptop nor computer is needed. The AI machine learning is on the alternator temperature rate of change and the current, voltage and time since start. The system learns what is a normal range for alternator temperature, if it is rising too quickly, it automatically moves the controlled power setting down a level. This protects the alternator. #howgoodsthat #traveltheworld #liveinaworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #isuzunps #nps4x4 #airconallnight #ScottyAI #victronenergy #machinelearning #AI

High Power Options

  1. The Isuzu NPS have small 24V Alternators around 90A.
    However, a second alternator at 24V can be fitted for maximum of 6000W charging.
    The Video above shows an upgraded 24V 200A alternator in an Isuzu NPS 300.
  2. It is a bi-directional DC to DC power converter at 96% efficiency.
    It is Automotive compliant and installed in engine bay.
    There is NO NEED for a second 12V or 24v battery.
    It can deliver up to 320A at 24V combined with the second alternator to a 25,000lb winch.

Advantages of Scotty vs 48V Alternator

  1. Keeps both alternators at native 24V for winch power and redundancy
  2. Achieves higher output at idle

  3. Avoids "load dump" possibility as 48V alternators don't have avalanch diodes.