Sprinter Alternator Power Options
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  1. CANbus Alternator Controller can transfer up to 250A power at 12V. It is installed in cabin with maximum current of 10A as all digital.
  2. Read this article on Regenerative Braking & why conventional DC to DC have a problem in the future:
  3. Safiery Buck Boost transfers 250A at 12V to either 24V or 48V and vice versa.
    It is a bi-directional power converter at 95% efficiency.  
    It is Automotive compliant and installed in engine bay.
    There is NO NEED for a second 12V battery.
    It can deliver up to 500A with the Alternator to a 12V winch.


(All Diesel,
all latest 2020 model)

Listed Alternator Size in Amps

Please check your vehicle to confirm

Available Option of adding a second alternator

Power that can be extracted after allowing 40A for daytime driving with air-con on

Lithium Batteries should accept this level of charging for maximum performance

Mercedes Sprinter
V6 Diesel

Factory Alternator

Yes see below

from factory alternator

12V at 120A 

Mercedes Sprinter

​V6 Diesel

Can upgrade primary alternator to 250A

Can have 250A 12V

Second Alternator

3,000W from either Alternator

12V at 250A
48C at 60A
using Buck Boost

Mercedes Sprinter

​V6 Diesel

any size

Can fit
48V Alternator


48V at 100A


Safiery supplies only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Alternator Mount except belt is third party

Photo below shows Australian made 48V alternator 100A with genuine Mercedes Benz mounting kit.

Specially for Sprinter – Clean Abundant Power Compact Space

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