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Clean install of 48V System on Grainger 48ft Cat by Owner and Son.

This is a compact refit of a 48-12V system for Troy Forrest’s SV Mint. The goal of zero genset has been achieved. The water maker, hot water =booster and kitchen appliances plus Freezer all run on the 240V circuit. The sail winches, anchor winches and the auto-steer are all on the 12V house circuit. BUT there is No 12V house battery. Thats right. This is a 48V system with Scotty taking power from the 2 engine alternators when they are running. When they aren’t running, Scotty is a bi-directional DC to DC and supplies up to 250A at 12V for the 12V circuits from the 48V bank. There is 900W of solar on top. Big 48V power and energy storage with big 12V power on tap. Total system retrofit weight is around 100kgs. less than the weight of 2 x N200 AGM batteries that are removed. #traveltheworld #withoutconsumingtheearth #havefundoingit #electriccatamaran  #48v #electricwinches #Scotty #grainger #grainger48 #multihul cat