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Simarine Pico Battery Monitor

Manage your power to enjoy freedom

Voltage, current, or time remaining? PICO has all the answers.

The PICO battery monitor displays all data about your batteries’ voltage, state of charge, remaining ampere hours, time to charge or discharge, and even temperature.
You can monitor up to 6 battery banks.
The PICO system is modular, which means that you need expansion modules in addition to the PICO monitor.

For battery monitoring you need the shunt SC303 or SCQ50.

Simarine Pico currents time remaining on battery
Pico tank Monitoring

Is your water tank half full or half empty?

Always be sure of how much water you have left to cook, shower, or make your favorite tea with while admiring the beauty of nature or thinking about how little we need to be happy.

With PICO battery monitoring system you can monitor up to 12 tanks. Simply add a tank level and voltage module ST107 to the system and set two calibration points. For irregular tank shapes, you can set several of them to measure as accurately as possible.

Wide range of third-party sensors and units supported: resistive 0-65K ohms and voltage type 0-75V.

Simarine Pico Specs