Thoughtfully designed. Thoroughly covered.

Safiery is proud to offer exceptional support programs, providing unparalleled support coverage on new products.

Because when it comes to enjoying the well-lived life on the water, or while camping, peace of mind should be a given.

Safiery Pty Ltd provides:

  • Manufacturers Warranty of 2 years, 3 Years or 5 years

  • Warranty on Copperflex Solar Panels for up to 5 years

  • Compliance with Australian Consumer Laws

  • Express Warranty

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law:

  • You may be entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
  • You may also be entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
  • You will also receive coverage from the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • You will also be covered by an Express Warranty.

For information on Australian consumer laws, please visit Australian consumer law website at

In Australia, the buyer has rights under the Trade Practices Act or any other Commonwealth or State Legislation, which cannot be modified or excluded by agreement. Safiery Pty Ltd (‘SPL’)complies with these legal rights.

These rights do not have a defined warranty period. The warranty period depends on the type of product and its use. However, for peace of mind, SPL provides a Manufacturer’s Warranty and an Express Warranty that may be in excess of these rights in that the length of the term or the conditions are more favourable to the buyer.

Should your product be defective, you can choose to make a claim under Australian consumer law or the Manufacturer’s Warranty or the Express Warranty (whichever is applicable).

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty period to the original purchaser for these periods of time from the date of purchase: 

  • “VICTRON” products: 5 years from the date of purchase for all electronic products excluding Victron batteries*

  • “DYNESS” (Safiery 48V Lithium Batteries – Dyness but with Safiery software) products:

  • 3 years from the date of purchase for Lithium Battery Products that are installed in a “NON-CANbus” controlled environment and charged using bulk/absorbtion and float voltage settings. 

  • 5 years from the date of purchase for Lithium Battery Products that are installed in a “CANbus” controlled environment WITH Victron charging and CANbus control of charging devices and these devices charge the batteries based on the CANbus commands from the Dyness Lithium battery. Access must be given to Safiery Pty Ltd to the Victron “VRM” (Victron Remote Management) to verify the correct installation of the CANbus configuration and operation.

  • “SIMARINE” products: 3 years from the date of purchase*

  • “SAFIERY” sensors, electronic and electrical products: 2 years from the date of purchase*

  • “SAFIERY LITHIUM BATTERY” : 3 years from the date of purchase*. Please note:

Lithium chemistry degrades because of Chemical Ageing:

  •  Time: With acceptable charging and discharging, even with CANbus control, approximately 2-3% of the battery nominal capacity degrades every year in a cumulative effect. Without CANbus control, this percentage may be double. This is not warranty

  • Cycling with deep discharge: Deep discharges over 80% will accelerate Chemical Ageing. Deep discharges of 90-100% require immediate battery recovery for continued operation. A deep discharge left unattended is not warranty.

  • Elevated temperatures:  A fully charged Lithium Battery stored at around 40°C loses approximately 30-35% of its capacity in a year without being used. This is not Warranty.

  • Stored at high State of Charge:  A fully charged Lithium Battery stored at around 90-100% State of Charge loses approximately 15-25% of its capacity in a year without being used. This is not Warranty.

  • Higher Capacity chargers than specified and higher capacity discharges than specified are harmful and reduce battery life to half. 

SAFIERY Tripple Insulated Solar Panels are warranted to the original purchaser from the date of purchase* to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the following Applicable Warranty Period:

· 5 years for the ETFE Layer against delamination, peeling or similar defects.

· 5 years mobile application installations in two phases:

  1. 2 years for design and structure of Solar Panels

  2. 3 additional years pro-rata warranty for design and operation of Solar Panels.*

 –   Safiery Copperflex Panels have 5 year warranty.

Please note:

  • Solar Cells degrade because of:

    Time: approximately 0.5-1% of the panel nominal capacity degrades every year in a cumulative effect. This is not warranty

    For the additional 3 year pro-rata warranty to be effective:

  1. Complete a test report as listed on Safiery University page and email it to [email protected].
  2. Safiery will confirm that the test report reflects acceptable operation of the panels.

Safiery Pty Ltd (SPL) warrants that the product groups listed above for the period listed above with the notes listed above are to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the period specified without additional charge. The rights under this warranty sit alongside Australian consumer law guarantees, which cannot be excluded. There is no other warranty, neither verbal nor implied other than this. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the product is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty.

Any defective unit that is returned to SPL within 30 days of the date of purchase will be replaced free of charge.

If such a unit is returned more than 30 days but less than the manufacturer’s warranty period listed above, from the purchase date, SPL will repair the unit or, at its option, replace it, free of charge. If the unit is repaired, new or reconditioned replacement parts may be used, at manufacturer’s option. A unit may be replaced with a new or reconditioned unit of the same or comparable design. The repaired or replaced unit will then be warranted under these terms for the remainder of the warranty period.

The customer is responsible for the shipping charges on all returned items back to SPL.

This warranty also has an Express Warranty, which includes:

SPL will repair or at our option replace defective products provided that:

  • The product is maintained and used in accordance with the user/operating/ maintenance manual; or
  • The product is not used for a purpose other than which it was designed; or
  • The product is not used for commercial purposes; or
  • The product is not in an accident; or
  • The product has not been modified, altered, or operated outside of the limits of normal use; or
  • This warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, care, fire nor flood:
  • Anodized, painted, stainless steel surfaces or powder coating surfaces are warranted for defective material/application but not against normal wear and tear, oxidisation, fuel or solvents damage.

This warranty does not cover accessories or consumables.

  • Examples are adapters, batteries, wire,  connectors, fixing rubbers, wafers.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects result from:

  • normal wear and tear (including chips, scratches, abrasions, discolouration or fading due to usage or exposure to sunlight),
  • accidents,
  • damage during shipping to our service facility,
  • alterations,
  • unauthorized use or repair,
  • neglect, misuse, abuse, failure to follow instructions for care and maintenance,
  • fire and flood.

This warranty does not apply to damage to units from misuse or incorrect installation/connection. Misuse includes wiring or connecting to improper polarity power sources.

Australian Consumer Law and this manufacturers Warranty excludes:

Transportation or storage of goods for the consumer’s business, trade, profession or occupation 

Return and/or Repair Policy

If you are experiencing any problems with your unit, please contact our customer service department at [email protected] or Phone 07 210 22 55 3 before returning product to a dealer or us. After speaking to a customer service representative, if products are deemed non-working or malfunctioning, the product may be returned to the purchasing location within 30 days of original purchase. 

The purchaser of an SPL Product will be provided with this warranty either in the operating manual and/ or a copy via email and/or an electronic stored copy of this warranty.

You can make your Warranty claim below. We will contact you and followup. 

Warranty Form

If your problem is not covered by this warranty, contact our Support Team at [email protected] or phone for general information if applicable.

Please have your serial number as your reference for all communications.

Warranty repairs and replacements will be undertaken by SPL or an authorised repairer.
Warranty repairs and replacements will be free of charge unless an on-site repair is requested in which case a service call fee will apply.
This Warranty is in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or implied by SPL and/or their dealer.

* Note: Proof of Purchase from a Authorised SPL Dealer is required to verify the product warranty.


Updated: September 30th 2019