BatteryPlus 35 PM suits Safiery Lithium Battery

BatteryPlus 35 PM suits Safiery Lithium Battery




This technical article is designed to give value to the reader through more knowledge on the compatibility of Setec’s Battery Plus 35 Charger/Controller and Safiery 125Ahr Lithium Batteries.   


If you have one of these controllers/ chargers, here is the good news:

Safiery 125Ahr Bluetooth Lithium batteries are compatible.

Even though the label says “for lead acid chemistry”, it is completely compatible with Safiery 125Ahr Bluetooth Lithium.

Here is why:

The Charging profile for “lead acid” is set at 14.4V and 13.6V. This is perfect. In fact the “lithium setting ” that they publish is too high for most Lithium batteries and if you have a controller set to Lithium, we would highly recommend setting it to Lead acid.

3000 cycle and 8 year design life lithium battery

The Bulk and absortion charge times are good.

Completing a health test after you install SAFIERY LITHIUM batteries with this controller:

  1. Startup test after replacing battery should look like “Bulk Charging on Start up”
  2. After 6-8 hours the display may look like: “Float charging Test” below
  3. Error codes are shown.