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Scotty AI is a patent pending bi-directional DC DC.

There are 3 models:

  1. 3000W 12v to 48V or 36V or 24V
  2. 3000W 24V to 48V
  3. 1500W 12V to 48V
A quick recap on Scotty. (Patents filed on several features.) Scotty has a 12V or 24V low side to a 24V, 36v, 48V high side. It comes in a nominal 1500W or 3000W models. Each has 6 parts to it:
  1. A bi-directional planar transformer DC to DC.
  2. A target battery charger program with set points for bulk and float charge. Once bulk charge is reached, the battery charger moves to float mode. There are conditions which can be set to kick the controller automatically from float back to bulk charger mode. There are also input conditions on the feature in wire that push the battery charger to float. Every time the controller is turned on and started up, it starts in bulk mode.