Buying Systems

Energy Analysis for Confidence in Performance Off Grid

Safiery does an energy analysis to meet your energy and lifestyle requirements. Before we prepare a proposal, we have to design the energy system

 We do that by doing an energy analysis:

  • We ask you for the electrical loads that you expect
  • We ask for the roof area for solar
  • We ask for the vehicle model and size of the alternator
  • We then do a calculation of replenishment energy vs your energy loads
  • We do a map of this and present a picture to you that is easy to follow.
Energy Analysis
  • After discussing this with you on your expectations of no of days camping, no of hours of air-con etc, we selecting the building blocks for your system.
  • We then ask what size space or spaces are available. Whether you have a canopy, van or caravan we ask some detailed questions.
  • We then choose the products and layout that will fit that space. There can be multiple products and layout to choose from.
  • Solar is the hardest element to design for maximum yield and efficiency. It can be difficult to do right for most jobs. So we start with just a guide (from our experience) and complete the solar if the Proposal is accepted.
  • We have completed over 400 systems in a wide variety of vans and have most of these monitored on line to verify the performance. So our guidance is valuable.
  • Once we know it should fit, we do a Proposal.

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