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Lowest Installation costs

Lowest Installation costs

Installation time and cabling costs can hide the true cost of a system installed in a caravan or motorhome.

In manufacturing, costs are impacted by:


  1. Every “connection” (junction) has a time cost to complete and check.
  2. Every “connection” (junction) is a potential source of error, so lowest count is key.
  3. Higher current connections are best terminated with a clamping plate rather than a “screw down” connection.
  4. Plug in terminal blocks can be added to a loom and assembled into the device easier than direct wiring.
  5. Communication cable between the monitoring devices has to be simple, thin and easy to pass through conduits.
  6. Devices need to easily show they have power and are communicating when installed.
  7. Wiring diagrams need to be identical for each device for each RV. Keep is very simple.


The good news is that SIMARINE listened to many manufacturers to get installation costs low.

  1. SIMARINE have lowest count of “connections”. Power is transmitted down the twisted pair that goes to each device eliminating the need for addition power cabling and fuses.
  2. SIMARINE use screw down clamping plates on the 25A current shunts. On current loads above this, round washers and locking nuts are used.
  3. SIMARINE use plug in terminal blocks that can be added to a loom for all sensor cabling.
  4. SIMARINE use a simple twisted pair communication cable between the monitoring devices with a telephone jack added at either end.
  5. SIMARINE devices utilize a flashing LED to confirm power and communication health.
  6. SIMARINE wiring diagrams can be easily identified and marked each device for each RV. It is kept very simple.


The best news is the programing time:

  1. SIMARINE systems are easily configured and programed using a smartphone.
  2. SIMARINE systems are easily “saved’ to the smartphone with a name you choose.
  3. SIMARINE systems are then easily loaded from the saved phone to future similar systems in seconds.
  4. PROGRAM once, save and then reuse.
  5. This eliminates sources of error in configuration. It assures you for consistency and quality.