Luxury Underbed & Underfloor Heating

Gas and Diesel Heaters

Gas heaters may be easy in a plumbed house, but are generally considered unsafe and bulky for off road travel. Diesel heaters have gained popularity. However they are noisy, very noisy. They can sound like a jet engine idling. They also leave a whiff of diesel in the air.

Silent NightTM

Underfloor heating is the quietest heater in the world. The sheets of thin resin are coated with a dielectric carbon compound which transmits electricity. However, there is a resistance in the compound and that produces heat. There are no moving parts. Silence.

The membrane is 0.6mm thin. Each piece generates 100-120W of heat. Placing 4 in a caravan or motorhome will result in a toasty environment.

Insulation underneath is Essential

However these heating membranes can radiate heat in both directions: up into the air and down into the chassis. The system is only as good as the insulation underneath. Generally, an R factor of 4.5 or higher will drive the heater into the body of air above. This is not difficult to achieve. A wooden floor may be around R3 and a layer of insuating foil add R1.5. Any air gap adds to this again. A fibreglass floor is exceptionally good insulation.

Control with Bluetooth

We control the system with a bluetooth app from the smartphone and/or a switch. The controller also has low voltage detaection and will turn off at a set value you enter. This prevents the heater being left on and flattening the battery.