Multiple Lithium Batteries

Multiple Lithium Batteries




This technical article is designed to give value to the reader through more knowledge on Lithium Batteries.   


Lithium battery compare with AGM battery

3000 cycle and 8 year design life lithium batteryLithium Batteries consist of 4 sets of Lithium cells connected in series and make up the bulk of the Lithium Battery casing. The cells run in vertical layers longitudinally along the battery length.

At the top of the battery casing are the management units.

Safiery Lithium Batteries are fitted with not just a Cell Balancing Management Unit but an additional Battery Management Unit which allows these batteries to be installed in parallel or series connection. This additional management unit is included in the price.

Here is a photo in the factory test bay of 6 Safiery 125Ahr batteries under test in parallel configuration. They are being stressed to maximum charge and discharge.  There is a total of 6 x 125 = 700 Ahrs of capacity here.

The benefit of multiple Lithium Batteries in parallel compared to a single battery of similar capacity are:


  1. Can provide power to larger inverter and operate any of the devices in the table below:


Required for Nespresso Mini Espresso

Required for Microwave and Induction cooktop

Required for Aircon from Battery

Rating in kw

Mini Expresso


Induction 2000W 


Microwave 1600W

Startup 4.3kw

Operating current with Truma rooftop unit is 70A DC after startup

discharge current




Burst discharge


160A Max for 15 min

460A for 1-2 secs

2 x 125 Ahr Safiery Batteries
Current Output

200A Continuous

200A Continuous

200A Continuous

700A burst for 3 secs


  1. In normal everday use, 2 x 125 Ahr will have a lower depth of discharge compared to a single 200Ahr Battery. A lower depth of discharge contributes to a longer cycle life of the batteries.
  2. Safiery 125 Ahr can be installed on any side except they can’t be inverted. The shape combinations give more flexibility in locating with ease of access. Combination sizes are:

All in mm

Placed on top of each other lengthwise terminals facing forward

Placed side by side, terminals facing in up position

Placed side by side with small face down, terminals facing forward

Combined Dimensions of

 2 x 125 ahr

Safiery lithium

318 L

430 H

165 D

318 L

215 H

330 D

330 L

318 H

215 D


Maximum Capacity of Multiple Safiery Lithium Batteries:


In Parallel Sets

In Series Set

In Series and Parallel

Combined Voltage and Ahrs of

 Multiple 125 ahr

Safiery lithium

 6 x 125 ahr

Safiery lithium

(12V Nominal)


 4 x 125 ahr

Safiery lithium

51.2 V
(48V nominal)

125 Ahrs

6 x 125 ahr

Safiery lithium

25.6 V 

(24V nominal)

 375 Ahrs

Battery Management Unit maps to Safiery App so the user can see the exact value of the Lithium cells.