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Espresso Machine Vending Power Packs for Vans & 4WD

We have experience with many food and coffee vans.

  • Espresso Machines up to 4.8kW
  • Grinders to 1.2kW
  • Warming Ovens
  • Ice Cream Machines – Gelmatic
  • Ice cream machines – Aerowhip
  • Fridges
  • Hot Water systems at high temperature 85C

You can operate with NO GENSET

  • Scotty Charges at up to 2500W per hour if Alternator big enough
  • Solar replenishes at 830W+
  • Lithium batteries can be replenished off 240V very,very quickly (if split runs)

LC79 with Power Pack

Sprinter Food/Ice Cream/Bakery Van


We do an Energy Analysis backed by the successfull operation of over 20 coffee installations from 5000W to 12000W.

9600Wh of Lithium (800Ah at 12V)

The way to read these charts is to look at Column 6 “No of hours idling”. This shows how many hours the vehicle needs to be idling for the scenario in each row. So in first example, in a 10 hour shift, the vehicle would need to be idling for 5.6 hours to return home at the end of 10 hour shift and have 20% battery capacity in reserve.

Adding solar to Van is very good for Summer Work

This is same example above but with added 2 x 400W Solar

14000kWh of Lithium (1200Ah at 12V)

The Best Setup is to have a secondary Alternator which is easy to do with Sprinter V6 Diesel

In this example for a 10 hour shift, the engine only has to idle for 1.9 hours and still there is 20% battery in reserve.