Simple Shunt Install

Simple Shunt Install



Have you installed multiple shunts on the negative side of the master battery bank?
I have seen up to 6 different shunts picking up power inputs and drains. They are typically installed just before the mast shunter on the battery.

This has its problems:

  • Concentration of cabling
  • Significant realestate taken up
  • Confusion on the current flow direction
  • Maintenance nightmare.

SIMARINE shunt devices:

  • Installed on positive or negative side of battery
  • Four low power (less than 25Amp) circuits on one device
  • For greater then 25A, just bridge the channels in 25A blocks
  • Protection on each channel
  • Wire up in the most convenient and clean manner, no need to check the current flow direction when wiring.
  • Current direction can be “reversed in software”

Greatest Feature:

  • No need for a master battery shunt
  • Simply “add” the sum of all the shunts, both on the positive and negative side of battery for total battery current draw.
  • Add a large shunt on the inverter currect draw
  • Multiple 500A shunts can be used for large loads.

Benefits are:

  • Faster installation of cabling and shunts
  • Wiring is neat and clean without overlays to change current direction
  • Adding up total shunt current is a breeze