Smart Hotwater from excess Solar & Vehicle Charging

Smart Hotwater from excess Solar & Vehicle Charging


This article is designed to give assurance to the reader that the Safiery 2kW Electric Hot Water System can operate automatically from the Victron Smart 2,000W Inverter and a single 200Ah Lithium Battery.

This is a solution suitable for OEM’s, Body builders and DIY customers. It is NOT a retail product.

Automated Charging Only When Batteries are Charged

Electric hot water is not new. With heating systems at 1500-2000W, there is a problem that use a lot of power to run. Even so they are more efficient than LPG hot water where a lot of heat still goes up the chimney. 

Now there is an automation solution from Safiery and Victron that:

  • Heats the water once the batteries are over 90% State of Charge (SOC)
  • This may occur while driving with the DC to DC converter, or
  • While camping with the excess power from Solar once the batter are over 90%, which is generally by mid day.

Benefits are simple:

  • You arrive in camp with hot water to go,
  • It’s created very efficiently.
  • It stores the hot water very efficiently.
  • No need to worry about LPG bottles.
  • Piping hot water at the sink or shower.
  • Compact and Simple to Install.
  • No user intervention,
  • Manual switch “on” available.
  • Its Free Power.

Size the Electric Hot Water to your requirements:

  • 10L 2000W German System,
  • 28L 1500W (Rheem Equivalent) System,
  • Any other tank system less than 2000W

We show the German System in the test video because of the high power requirement.

However, there are two important requirements:

1. Solar Replenishment Capacity needs to by 500W Plus on the roof and 250W Plus as a portable for boosting in difficult weather.

  • Victron 3 x 175W Glass Panels 1485 x 668 x 30mm each
  • Safiery Ultra Slim Portable 


  • Bring your own, but we will swap your present solar controller for a Victron 98% efficient controller.

If you can NOT carry solar of this capacity or greater, this system is NOT sustainable.

2. Lithium Batteries

At least 200Ahr, 2 x 125Ahr is better.

  • AGM batteries just dont hold up to the high current demads of an inverter.
  • Solar efficiency is 98% with Lithium, but only 75% with AGM batteries

Watch the Video:


Ditching LPG gives you improved cooking options”

Cooking: Ditch the LPG for Induction and Charcoal – Old and the New!

  • Gas cooktops are 40% efficient. In the wind, even less. 
  • An induction cooker uses electricity and magnetism to make your pan the source of heat. They are 94% efficient.
  • They heat 3 times fater than LPG and 10 times faster than electric.

A simple demonstation of the high efficiency is the “cool to touch” induction glass top after you remove the cooking pot. The pot is hot but the glass top is cool!. Little energy wasted!

Induction cooking is:

  • Fastest way to cook – 2min for 0.5L Water at 1800W
  • 94% Efficient; compared to 40% for LPG and 70% Electric
  • Safe and cool to touch after use
  • Ceramic glass top – easy to clean
  • Cool to touch immediately after use
  • Induction pots and pans now commonplace and inexpensive 
  • Can be set at “slow cook” – walk away and enjoy the day without worry of open flame.


  • Early models would cut out without large inverters
  • Early models did not have temperature control for safe low temperature and “walk away” cooking.


And….. TWO Hot Plates may be needed Inside – not just a single.

  • But there is a problem with an induction cooktop and two hot plates…

Induction Cooktop Problem

Hot Plate 1 Size


If On at 1,000W

Hot Plate 2 Size


If On at 1,200W

Total Power Size


Total Power 2,200W

Inverter Power



Cooking Stops, Family not happy!



  • Another problem is your 4WD/Camper trailer/Caravan may not be wired for more than 2,400W (10A).
  • Electrical problems may follow.
  • Maybe a serious safety hazzard.


We have patented a solution so that you can safely operate our 2 hob induction cooktop…. Read on

Introducing the Safiery 2 Hob Induction Cooktop

  • Built-in
  • Double induction built in
  • German IGBT control
  • German Schott Ceran High grade black crystal plate
  • Touch Sensor controls
  • Size: 520 x 290 mm


  • Power Watts: 1800W+1500W
  • Has Maximum combined output of 2800W to suit Victron 3000VA Inverter.
  • Individual Controls
  • Smart Power alert with Inverter


  • Timer
  • Child Lock 
  • Booster  function
  • Auto Safe Switch off
  • Over heat & empty pan safe off
  • Cookware detection of

Smart Dual Hob Induction Cooktop Manages Inverter Power Limit Automatically

Demonstrating the Smart feature of balancing the dual hob controls to stay within either 2000W OR  3000W Inverter capacity using 1800W and 1500W Safiery Dual Induction Cooktop (built in only model).