Sitting on a beach at night with just the light of the stars. Waves swishing up, and down the beach.
The stars are a rich canopy above you tonight. Swirly tiny stars –a galaxy of footprints to the future.

You can enjoy these places which have one common factor – they are all off the beaten track.

Safiery's Power Conversion, Lithium Battery and Digital Switching Systems sit on an Open Hybrid Network.

This open architecture doe NOT lock you into a proprietary technology. You can trust our Technology for the Future.


Power Conversion for the Future, so you enjoy the Journey

Power conversion is occurring all the time off-grid. Solar energy converts to charge lithium batteries, alternator power converts to charge lithium batteries. Lithium battery energy converts through the Inverter to supply 240V AC power. It's a never ending cycle. That's why high efficiency is so important. It lets you just get on and enjoy the day without worrying if you run out or power. 

STARSHIP™ is a Hybrid Open Network for RV’s and MARINE.

Hybrid Connectivity: At its core, the STARSHIP is a wireless network that supports wired CAN bus segments. This hybrid model ensures reliable connectivity by leveraging the strengths of each type of connection.

Wireless at it’s Core:  Technologies such as WiFi and 802.15.4 (Long Range Bluetooth) provide flexibility and broad coverage. CAN based wired connections link industry technologies such as NMEA in Marine, RVC in USA, J1939 in automotive into the wireless network. 

Open Network Architecture: STARSHIP uses compliant open standards and protocols from the Connectivity Standards Alliance. This openness facilitates easy integration of new devices, scalability of the network, and user-driven automation. This openness facilitates easy integration of new devices, scalability of the network, and user-driven automation. This Open Standard is supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. There are over 1,800 approved compatible devices making it highly adaptable for a wide range of devices and applications.

Designed for RV and Marine Environments: RVs and boats operate a significant number of devices on DC power using Lithium batteries. They also present unique challenges for connectivity, such as movement and vibration, limited space, and exposure to harsh elements. The STARSHIP network is specifically designed to overcome these challenges, with durable hardware that can withstand environmental stressors and a network architecture that accommodates mobility.

Some of our Videos from Collection of over 700

Caravan and Camping Industry: Best New technology 48V
International Marine Equipment Trade Show: Design and Manufacturing Excellence Award
Landforces Best new technology Presented

Easy to Buy

Having done hundreds of systems, we know the secrets to trustworthy performance. Safiery supply whole system designs with completed products:

Engineering the Future, so you can enjoy the present.

We just love what we do. Researching and building products that we regard as "World Class". The fun part of what we do is to pick "really hard problems" and solve them. Here are some eamples:

  • DC DC Power Conversion at 250A 12V in a size saller than a Kleenix box and weighing 2.3kgs. 
  • Lithium batteries of the highest quality with CAN BMS displaying min max cell voltages less than 3 thousandths of a volt.
  • Tank level monitoring to 1mm using phased co-herent radar technology as used in EV's.
  • Digital switching that uses long range Bluetooth of 100m range.
  • Digital switching that puts the smarts into the buttons. One press, two presses, three presses for different LED colours.
  • Digital switching that uses native Apple, Google, Amazon or Samsung compliant technology for smartphones and no internet!
  • Lithium batteries 400 x 180x285 that produce 8000W of power (at 48V).