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Yacht and catamaran solar replenishes the energy used.
High efficiency air-conditioners consume around 800W per hour after allowing for cycling. Although the batteries supply this energy overnight, they need to be replenished the next day.

In the video on the right, 1200W of copperflex solar is installed on this 60ft Catamaran. It will produce a staggering 6,000Wh per day in summer. Thats enough to replenish the batteries for an all electric galley.

Safiery has mastered solar design to achieve this:

  • High Panel Voltage as close to 120V as possible (This is 100% legal)
  • DC DC for Solar allowing mixed panel sizes and technology
  • High quality solar panels in both glass and lightweight flexible.

DC DC for Solar Changes the Game for High Performance Catamaran Solar

Although a yacht or catamaran roof is generally a dis-jointed space, Safiery solve this problem by combining solar panels of different sizes and technologies with our DC DC for Solar.

These are a "1/4 brick" high frequency planar transformer that pass the current through a looped circuit to the solar MPPT controller AND add the solar power of each attached solar panel.

 However, these units have to be cleverly designed so they don't fight the solar MPPT controllers like Victron.

Its took Bruce 3 attempts in design with failed products before the secret sauce was perfected. Safiery extend full 5 year warranty of these products and all the roof solar panels sold.